They say...

'Camila Reland manages to interpret the planetary formations of your horoscope in a whole new way. Her approach to the planets and houses gave me deep insight to the themes and challenges I have in this life on earth, in a loving, deeply psychological and intuitive way. I highly recommend a session with Camila. It will provide new tools and perspectives to work with. And for the first time, I feel like I've really gone deep into understanding my chart, in a completely clear, honest and very concise way. '

 -Henriette Lykke, artist

'Camila holds an incredible deep attentive and loving space for transformation, and guidance. Always empowering and affirming. Beautiful work Camila! Thank you.'

- Treacy O'Connor, Owner Straight to the Point, Healer and Spiritual Counsellor

'I've been fortunate to have been to both psychic sessions and an astrology session with Camila Reland. Each time, Camila has advised and guided me with deep insight and a true sense of the person she is facing. At the same time, she possesses a surplus energy as a facilitator that makes it easier to understand and feel the messages she is conveying. I have therefore, every time, obtained a deeper calm and clearer sense of myself, and what I need to do next. That's why I highly recommend Camila Reland's professional advice and guidance. '

-Nanna Bay, student

’I had an astrology session with Camila, which helped me at an important time in my life. Camila clarified life aspects, opportunities and nuances with her great human knowledge, depth and wisdom. With Camila's calmness and ethics one is in safe hands'. -Pia M.

'Camila was able to make me understand things about myself that nobody else has before, or could have. I had many "Aha!" moments with her.

Granted, I was a bit skeptical first, but I had an open mind. The accuracy of her visions blew my mind. I highly recommend Camila.'

-Fahad Sulehria

'When I first had a session with Camila, I was still convinced that all this psychic stuff was mumbo jumbo nonsense. But after my session, I had gained tremendous clarity, peace of mind and a more positive outlook on my life and how to be more focused. I experienced a huge release, something a psychologist wouldn't have come close to even after months of therapy. Subsequently, I have participated in her circles as well as nature walks. to find my inner feminine power and learn to trust and listen to my own intuition and inner calm that we all need in everyday life. She is super sharp, and she cuts straight to the core in a very direct and discerning way too- if that is what it takes, but very empathetic and compassionate at the same time. I can only say leap, say yes to change. Camila hasn’t yet told me anything I didn't need to hear.'

-Jeanette Poulsen

'I had my chart read by Camila. It was a unique experience that gave me new awareness and insight and a deeper understanding of how my life had been shaped so far. It is a new and different way of getting to know one's soul. The astrology was shortly after followed up by a psychic session which further gave clarity, insight and a kind but firm encouragement to take myself more seriously. Camila speaks a clear, concise language, and is professional and undoubtedly possesses a unique ability, and gives one a belief that there is more between heaven and earth. '

 -Louise Standhart

'I was so lucky many years ago to get in touch with my late grandfather in a session with Camila Reland and I will never forget it. I contacted Camila because my father was troubled and missed his father after he had passed. Personally, I was convinced that there had to be something more out there after life, so I went searching for a medium who hopefully would be able to mediate the connection to my granddad. My father, on the other hand, was deeply skeptical. He only came to the session with Camila because I insisted. The meeting between Camila, my father, my little brother, and I, remains in my memory as one of the wildest experiences I have witnessed in my life. Not only did Camila make contact with my grandfather, she also managed to map his entire life from childhood to death. She could tell us where my grandfather had been playing as a child, what his films and music had meant to his life, and what he wanted to say to all of us. My father, brother and I were deeply speechless and very touched. The experience gave my father peace. He felt his father was still around him, and had not disappeared. I gained a greater belief in my own life and an understanding of my grandfather's being and meaning to my father. I have the deepest respect for Camila Reland's abilities, and the way she chooses to work with them is an experience of a lifetime that I would love for everyone to give themselves. You will certainly never regret it. '

 -Sisse Haugland Thomsen

'... If you only know how happy I am that I had a psychic session with you, as I now feel better equipped for the various hardships and monsters that I meet on my path. You're razor sharp, woman! '

-Maria Bangsgaard Koester, Designer

'Over the last few years, I have had several conversations / sessions with Camila and always left uplifted. The experiences have been a mix of many emotions: it has been both clarifying, enlightening, inspiring, exciting, surprising, soothing and affirming and much more :-) And then I got some gentle kicks in the butt to move on ... Thanks!!! I can absolutely and definitely recommend  a session with Camila. '

 -Tenna Elgaard