Wordless knowing

The time to withdraw.

Waiting for it all to catch up. Unfolding years of Seeing. Knowing what would come. It is the old memory erasing itself through time. That will pass. Painfully slowly. In case the Wave comes again. I am closer to the Forest. Letting the meltdown happen. Knowing not to interfere. One too early move or even breathing out too soon, and it will have been all in vain.

The careful woven Web. Joining. Uniting. Coming together. Releasing. Surrendering. Having let go. Stripping one layer, so carefully intentional and consciously.

The Dream repeating itself again. Is it a dream? Is it an alternate reality I keep travelling to.? Blinking the One eye, I am there and was never here? It’s that easy to cross. And they say the Veil is thing this time of year.

At dusk. The portal time between day and night, the worlds open. The misty Air bridging the spaces. It’s the Dark time coming like never before, to let us realize how much we want Light. Within. Without. All worlds are crashing. The Fire burns stronger than ever before.

I’ve never felt the Sky closer than now. I have made my peace. The self dissolving. I know happiness. I know joy.

I make a promise to come back. To that.

And to get there means letting go of what stands in its way.

There are worlds and consciousness beyond any of this. As always.

It’s easy to condemn this world, but not so easy to act out your Soul’s purpose. We remember failing. We remember having been here before. Witnessing the collapse. Unable to change it.

Not this time.

A silver lining forms every night before night fall. The Dark is swallowing the Light. So open your Eye and learn to navigate in the Dark.

See it for what it is.

Face it.




It is making your senses sharper.

To know yourself.

The messages are wordless. It is a knowing. About times coming. But our brains cannot decipher those visions.

They have never comprehended a world like that before. We will have to form a new language. A new way of understanding.

Waiting for the world and the people.

Catching up to the vision that has long unfolded there in the space between.

Tending the inner Fire.

Waiting for the right moment to re-engage.