Winter Solstice Time ..preparing

Coming to embrace, coming to infuse and merge. Awakening within this sphere certain notions that weave the sparks of Sacred Fire together. Pulling at those strings… remembering. Core traits.

Sealing a Circle of Light. Within this sphere there is sacred being, sacred breath. Constantly let to know, asking solely for, demanding, expecting, anticipating, welcoming sacred love only, that walk is lonely for several reasons.

The words from early initiation echoing: If you take nothing personally you can embrace everything and thus remain in love. The numerous failures allowing in and getting to know that which is not love.

Coming back step by step from having veered from the path. Losing important time. Maybe. Still not knowing the full journey. Living to learn that which came after the regrets was even better than what you had imagined for yourself, and learning then to imagine better and let go, surrendering into trust.

Trusting the soul and the alignment with sOurce.

Accepting blind spots. And in the moments of not knowing, humming along to the song of Creation is all that is necessary, while perhaps looking at flowers or staring at the waves by the Sea. Preferably on warm sunny days. Or catching snowflakes in your hand.

The doors that opens at eclipses are rare. It usually opens several others while you’re in – because you did accept the invitation to enter, didn’t you? The between worlds wandering, lets you out for a while. It’s important to have an out sometimes.

It may make you think this Life is not so important, you can walk forever, and then you understand Life is only absolutely crucial.

Earth is precious. Life here is not about good or bad, bliss or sorrow, rich or poor, living happily or having made something other people will remember. Chances are your stay here is completely forgotten in a few generations. Perhaps you’ve missed the point?

They join forces now on the threshold of the Solstice gate opening. How was your year? Really? Truly?

Because all I can remember is that the Sun was shining forcefully and clearer. The sky had a deeper blue.

The deep fear that journeyed through my system and the pause that was given to me when the entire world held its breath regardless of why, allowed for consciously choosing what kind of Life I wanted to live while I am here.

I went into Nature to be held by the white anemones in the forest floor listening to their annual hymn, to closely observe and be one with Her cyclical expression of unconditional being as an act of unconditional love for Life itself, and just before the forests got too crowded, I got to watch a Spring unfold and burst into such a Summer, I will never forget.

I called back all my missing souls. I chose peace. Joy. To stay in love. I will remember this year as one that was BEAUTIFUL.

I am wildly excited about these times.

I see a beautiful future coming. These are the images I will carry crossing the threshold and the Solstice gates. This is the seed I am planting in the void to be held within the return of the Light for the coming years.

I am not hopeful. I am sure.

Happy sacred times coming. Solstice. Eclipses. Planetary alignments and Star gates. Christ consciousness and Yule time. However you celebrate- but do celebrate.