White Silence

The Silence falling upon this Land now, is crystalline. Cool and white.

Snow Angels dancing in the grey Air each carrying a message, a word perhaps, and if put together and all listened to, noticed, seen, observed, would make the Song that is being bestowed upon us, beautiful, meaningful even. Comforting. Soothing. Or perhaps, realigning us to this new state of being. The new ways. A new wave.

We are all connected. All of this is happening. We are all finally realizing how much we are One. Everyone is in this. No one is without. A kindness is extended. Empathy. Community. That other- is me. Too. For a morning in a country in a garden that has long missed Snow, there is a peace falling. A sign of the calm now. Of slowing down. Of releasing a way of life that has too long been the only one imagined. The only one seen as fit for us. Now, taken away from the usual routines, how do you feel? How can you be with what is?

Does this quiet make you angry? Frustrated? Uneasy? Scared? Worried? Or are you excited?

Our identity is renewing. You are no longer who you were before. None of us are. Who are you when your doings are prohibited from you? How can you make your life meaningful?

Where do you go? What do you do? With nothing to distract your mind. To entertain you? To keep you fixed to a treadmill of usuals, culturally, socially accepted habits? Did you forget to question why they had you entertained for so long- too long? Did you forget to be curious? Discerning? Critical and demanding of your own time and life? Or was it wasting away on meaningless actions and doings? For what? Did Life run you, or are you running through your life, fixed on arriving.. at what? Can you be present? Now? With what is- with what is changing you, us, life, this world?

Or can, will you.. go outside in the Snow falling this early morning in this Dark Night of our Souls, and greet the morning, the dawn rising on the horizon? Will you cherish it, the first rays, the surge of Life as it rushes over you, over this planet in Cosmos? Will you consider it a marvel, true magic, a wonder? Nourish the eternal child in your heart and Soul?

And be humbled by the experience, be grateful? Be surprised how much you forgot how small and insignificant you are in this endless motion of the Universe, continuing on with or without you, the massive forces of this ongoing creation that is life, life life life..

Happening, continuing, ending, rebirthing, circling, rising, falling, expanding, contracting.. now now now now. It is neverending. With or without you.

Can you be part of this wonder? Then breathe.

And then realize how significant you are for being part of this whole thing. Here. Now. In these times. Wow.

Smile. Let awe be upon you as your new best friend. A friend that so teaches you gratitude and the urge to care for the miracle you are expereincing.

Not just now. But for the rest of your life, and enough to care for everyone else, even for the ones that are staying, when you leave here. The ones who still have a future. This is true joy and happiness. Just for breathing. In this moment. And enjoying the Snow.

Crystalline Angels singing to you for a second before they fall and melt or freeze for a little while, lingering with this silent message to you, before they disappear and merge into the Earth as Water, bringing their songs into the eco-cycle of its soil and thus go onto nourishing the plants.

If you listen very carefully, you will hear the Song of Hope, they are falling unto Earth with. Now, how is that for a miracle?