The magic Love Song at Solstice

’She brought me the wildest Roses

On the longest day on Earth as the Earth opens Her heart

And everything becomes a mirror

As she left Rose fairies lingered in the Air

And a Song and a Prayer within me:

Send him in, the one that I love, who loves me in return

Remind me that I came here to Earth to love and be loved in return

Give me the courage to surrender and give in and to love again..’ an old magical invocation to call in your true lover on Summer Solstice. Everyone who has a romantic Heart and who still believes in the tales of old, will know that this is true and that it works.

Numerous reports from people who over time have sung this magical rite at Solstice have met their one true lover the very next day.

(Disclaimer: The use of Magic must always be done with an honest Heart, and do not try this unsupervised or if you are not ready to claim full responsibility of your own actions ;) )

A reminder on this particular day on this special date in these important times:

The invocation was alive in me.

Standing there at the shore of the deepest, bluest Ocean with such force and power roaring at me, encompassing and emanating an energy of such vitality, such mystery, I stood there silently, long enough to just listening. Waiting for access, granted… and then proper attunement into the ability to hear those tales of old, carried from the Waves to me. Tales of old journeys, important people crossing the Sea, bringing with them the change of the World, the rise and fall of civilizations, alien exchange of technology, sacred knowledge… Stories like that..

Being completely mesmerized and seduced by the energy of that Sea. I had never seen Blue like it, and it seemed endlessly familiar. As if I had stood here a million times before, like it was once a daily thing to do.

It wasn’t Summer Solstice, the day wasn’t long- but I had journeyed to and stood on places on Earth activating certain energetic portals within me, and now it felt like I had arrived at the end of a World I once knew, and was more than ready to leave a Life behind and step into a new Journey, with a purpose of completion, one that would entail many perils, thrills, black holes and revelations, heal the space between to then bring me echoes, silence, patience and grace..

The number on my door was 216 and I decided to consciously choose to accept that this was a sign that energetically I was in a state of Summer Solstice. Sometimes choosing to accept the magic in your life will transcend all objections towards it-the mind and brain are mysterious and powerful transformers and we have still to surrender as a species into coming to terms with believing in magic- or rather—knowing and then living magically.

(A few notions on invoking magic: Be ready to have what you ask for delivered. Be mindful of your words and what you send out. It may not all be delivered all at once, because your soul will know when you are ready for certain things. The patience that is needed, is a tool, that comes in very handy. If you know you are not a patient person, trust that your greatest weakness holds the ability for your greatest strength. What you are naturally good at, you don’t tend to think you need to practice.)

Certain doors cannot be entered within until we are ready. We can push and pull and want to all we want, but ultimately, there are steps to be taken, other doors to open first, certain events that must journey through us before we have what it takes. It is not an injustice or because we are karmically challenged (or we may be karmically challenged too) but often it is coming to us when we are ready.

And then there is the wonder of that magic that seems like it can change your life. In an instant.

And the great thing about living Life, is that we can’t always explain things or find one truth to fit all. We have to find our own magic and trust our journey is the exact one for us, because we came here, having decided already, and there is free will, sometimes, and other times there are fated things and somewhere in between we have the doors that let us out for a while- if we want to or choose to- to laugh and be joyful and remember we are fully loved and supported for all eternity.

And then we go back and experience the miracle of love, the change we never thought we could obtain, and suddenly, we are freed from a burden that was carried until we thought it was just something we had to live with forever, plagued with, but accepting the terms.

The small hints and clues then, pointing back to that place a loooong time ago, when I was singing a song, living in room 216 and I had no idea how far that adventure would take me, what would be just around the corner, the next day, why the journey to those places in the first place, what seeds were actually planted and the Harvest it would be much, much later..

And it makes me then think, wonder and be curiously excited about what the future will reveal, walking towards, making it, creating it, manifesting it and connecting the dots to now and then. Looking back. Looking ahead.

Sometimes the Earth opens and serves as a mirror.. in fact when you look, you will find, it actually always does. Because in the looking for it, you have already silently stated that you believe in magic and miracles- and the response is then instant. Magic and miracles then also believe in you.

Image credits:

Malta, my own 2014, The Ocean at the Azure Window, which sadly isn't there anylonger.

Alishia Lee Jeffers 'Letting go'.

Love Song at Summer Solstice: Translated from Danish lyrics by Majbritte Ulrikkeholm