The Eclipse before Solstice

It’s dark in this room, but there is another door. Waiting for it to appear, first. Then the right moment to enter. It’s locked until the perfect alignment. Behind it, there is an initiation. Leaving all before this time behind. The bliss of surrendering. Letting go. Trusting that which stays. Knowing there is no time, there are only the passages into space. Stretching it or contracting it. Forming. Breathing. Holding.

The opposition becomes the projection. The Mirror looked into. Eyes staring back. Seeing the other in ourselves. It’s the shadows we fight, ghosts. When we wrestle with gOd and win, it is the awareness that what we conquer is our egos. We have moved closer into just being, rather than re-acting. And winning then means transcending. Healing. Having broken through. Transmuted.

Come closer to origin.

That state, which is always whole and available to us upon choosing it but has become alien to the soul that has adapted to un-truth. Thinking its way into what is best. Accepting walking through Life injured. Seeking to be allowed to keep the pain alive. Our brokenness then is our superpower, excusing ourselves and our behavior, our projections onto the world. It feels the only choice as long as we fear or simply don’t know how to be going through the healing pain. And that’s ok. When enough of that ‘work’ is done and we realize we are cheating ourselves, we do the work. And walk through. The door is there. When you are ready.

The cure is worse than the disease, yes. But only for a moment in the time that isn’t really real. And soon it is a faint memory of the time you went through hell to get to the serenity.

I pose the same question: You did accept the invitation to this once in a lifetime event? And walked through. Opened that door. Into the void behind it that would let you out of this mad version of Life and its dead end paradigm? In this darkness that’s all there is. Nothing but darkness. It is a thick matter. Of nothing. The end and the entirety of all new beginnings. There is nothing in this darkness. No thing. Not even a 'you'. It is comforting. Womb-like. Cocooned. Tight. But not suffocating. Just lets you realize, that the 'you' who is experiencing this, is all there is. 'You' are the creation. And the minute 'you' move, think or stretch, you start creating. This awareness, makes you instantly very awake and conscious.

The ‘I’ that is experiencing through human matter dissolves and becomes part of this dark matter. All senses are dissolved. The ‘I’ then am. It’s the briefest of experience that unfolds into endless everything and then being offered the option of choosing. One. New beginning. What to create. What to plant. This void is receiving everything it is impressed with, everything that is expressed through the ‘I am-being’. By pure being, that which the ‘I’ am.

In this moment all there is to be known is excitement. Joy. lOve. Happiness. A child unborn. Curious.

The Black Moon crossed the Solstice gate upon this sacred Eclipse. Initiating it, gifting it and infusing its black light. The Sun is crossing the gate in a week. Others will pass through the gate later and for different reasons, having been through several other initiations. One will close the door behind us. Closing a cycle.

I hope you felt this dark moment behind the Eclipse door, the one that let you out, if you wanted the out, that is. Mind your wants and wishes, be conscious of choosing your manifestations and tend to the inner Fire in this immense sacred time. Choose your seeds carefully and plant them in this void that is ready to receive them now, before the rebirth of the Light, before the great breathing in…. Fresh Air.

Happy Sacred Solstice Time. May peace, joy and unconditional love and healing be yours.