Stop fighting it

It feels good to trust. It opens into a space where opportunity to retreat and withdraw feels like a vacation to the soul that is exhausted.

Just for a little while. While the world catches up.

Where the eyes can rest upon beauty, the kind that makes your breath even deeper, calmer, and connecting to source oxygen and the life force that is yours to be had becomes apparent and a deliberate act of grounding, the feet to soil kind of activity that instantly connects you to origin, all statics reduce, you feel, you hear, you become yourself again, freed from toxins and all the shit you never wanted, but had to accept to be here. Knowing not just yourself again, but also Earth ‘s heart beats, her pulse, the intelligence behind, the web weaving, the juice and zest of all living things. Wanting to become. Wanting to coexist. Wanting to deliver its reason for being here. With you. Love is in its core and behind its destiny. Pleasing your senses. In all the ways you can think of. That is the purpose for all of us to exist and live. To co-weave and cocreate and merge and interact with each other for joy, for love.

So how far are you from that equation? If you are not able to trust what is happening in the world will eventually turn, and become the greatest breakthrough of all times? Even if it makes no sense at the moment. Even if people are suffering. Even if there is madness ruling. Even if you want to fight this insanity?

How can you return to unconditional love and compassion? The state of joy, carelessness, freedom? Waking in the morning and feeling excitement for just being alive, curious, playful, happy? You remember that state. You remember this purpose of being. And you are longing for it to rise in your life yet again, otherwise you would not be reading this message. You would not have been drawn to it.

This is written for you.

Whatever the world mirrors in you through these times is your answer. Do not feel embarrassed or feel incomplete or strayed from your path. You are not. All you have to do is ride the wave you are on, whatever the wave is. If it is a pure joyride, carry on. Be mindful and compassionate to those who do not feel it and let people go through what they need to go through. Be wise, but not condescending. Don’t preach. Don’t try to pull them out. They need this chrysalis.

If you are living with depression, anger, anxiety, despair, worry, hopelessness and a need to scream or yell or be loud.. Accept it. Walk though it. Allow it. Keep it in check, but don’t repress it. Don’t tell yourself you must not feel a certain way, feel whatever you feel and let is pass through you. Invite it in. Be mindful of it. If you accidentally take it out on another person, turn around and say you are sorry. Ask for forgiveness. Call that energy back. Be responsible. That’s all you can do. You are human too. Know the truth about who you are. Anytime you want and are ready, you can choose love to join you in those dark hours. You will know when you are ready to. And then you can reach out and ask for help too.

There are Angels by your side, and a number of serious Light workers too, here, walking this Earth ready to guide and help. All you have to do is ask.

And then.. come into this bliss of trusting. That this too shall pass. And the change happening, however it is manifesting for you, in your life, though it may seem dark.. Is a good thing. Just stop fighting it. Let it in.