Spring Equinox 2021

We have already shifted. The skin shed, the old vows dissolved, the permission to let go and release. The conscious and deliberate rituals to be released from all bindings, contracts and words spoken within the old paradigm, unaware of any residual pain, those premature vows were unintendedly weaving with the golden and the liquid a streak of fear, a streak of old pain, a streak of karmic work. We did the best we knew how to, and then we grow and we changed and we matured, and now...we do better.

It was part of the journey no doubt. And this World and the consciousness of our Host is ready to forgive and release. Us. You. We can rise a million times and do over.

The release becomes easy with time and trust. Faith in lOve. Faith in knowing oneself to be pure. Honest. Wants and desires of the soul, and shedding the desires from an ego, that is screaming from injustice and hurt. It is a human choice one must learn to transcend or be stuck in its prison indefinitely.

Letting go- or rather getting rid of- becomes a simple choice. And admitting unbalance to oneself in the face of ones Source alignment, becomes the only want, because the Peace that follows, the symphony of Silence that so pleases the senses and soothes the Heart and serves not just the Soul journey with its soundtrack, but the entirety of Oneness is the only way to roll.

The portal that opens here in these final hours and in the initial birthing moments of a new dawn asks you to give up and be free.

We give it knowingly. All energy matters and leaving something at the threshold before crossing over, whether it is onto a new dawn or a new world, or a new life, the doors between this human life and the unknown beyond, it is necessary to be conscious of what cannot journey on.

Something you identified with perhaps. Something that was you- or part of the make- up you applied, a mask you wore in the fear of breathing freely? Something that made you recognizable. And taking it off may make you travel naked and vulnerable. Unprotected, perhaps, but a great act of faith.

In this new freedom behind that door, across this threshold, through the gates the in-between portals, there is a notion now, that you become free. You get to decide. If you have arrived at where your soul is truly free...

Is it? Or are you bound to this place? Tied to your doings, your material life? The thoughts in your head that you cannot know for sure are your own? Have you listened to them recently? Questioned them? Or are they a track replay from that which you have heard on the news, are they founded in fear and repeating voices of someone else’s thoughts?

Or are they full of the whispers from late winter snow that fall like angels' messages-and have you spent your morning trying to catch their words before they melted in your palm? Or are you inspired by the electricity of seemingly invisible caresses of Trees in your forest, eager to exchange their wisdom with you, or the power of all the plants in Nature so ready to burst into bloom shortly, their force is a serenade, an ode to that Summer coming, embedded within in their DNA and they just can’t wait to strut their stuff..

What news are you tuning into?

Which world are you living in? What reality has you? Do you notice the magic that surrounds you and are you grateful for this wondrous Life you are living, where everything is a miracle- YOU are a miracle happening in this dimension? YOU can align to everything in this Cosmos because everything else is alive and conscious and intelligent too. You are that powerful. All life is that powerful.

This is the freedom that is available to you, once you come out of your mind and into your soul. A new dawn awaits. A new world founded in joy, in love, in co-creation and balance. In a desire to bring harmony.

It is already there- all we have to do is choose it to be so. It does mean letting go of holding on to the illusion of the old. It cannot exist in a world where there is harmony. It is simple law. So if there is anywhere the old is held onto.. That is where the struggle is the greatest.

It is there to ask you to decide why you focus on it- and if there is a better way to spend your life, your energy, your lOve, and the service you bring into this world this time around.

Happy Spring Equinox.