Solstice Vows

The Water came.

Heavy rain on the lands that before held the initiation rite, the crystalline merging that facilitated exchange of Hands, yet again, but in such an unexpected unison, that it beckoned and invoked the Summer song from a Winter bird’s throat out of season. I wonder if the bird was as surprised as we were, sitting there with us quietly in the Wilderness threshold, giving while receiving, nourishing the other, while accepting and inviting in, holding the other in. The melting away of final barriers, seeing the other as oneself. One Blue Flame of origin.

The drum that started beating wilder, more intense as if to mirror the state in our Hearts, the pulse, the bassline of this union journey together. The one moment in time while a new song of creation was birthed, aligning us to these new days, this new time. He and I. The loved One. The wander partner, my ally, my rock, my Heart.

Sneakpeeking at him beside me, deep in meditation, deep in prayer. Still a skipping heartbeat within this physical body, the marvel over his energy, his love, his beauty and the honor of walking beside him. With him.

The pool of Light at our feet, merging and intertwining with our individual paths, it is always a part of the same golden liquid, that still pulls and pushes, and the silver glow from a cosmos of love, shining brighter and brighter still.

The blessings, the acknowledgement from Gaia herself for coming into this portal time to celebrate with her, our conjoined adventure, being held and nourished, holding and caring for her.

The white snowy crystal blessings are Angels in the Air on this sacred night, this sacred time, blessed and carrying the Stardust and shimmer from the merging of planets and constellations. These kisses received from our ancestors, from Buzzard, Fox, Heron and the White Deer we meet in the meadow upon walking home. Friends and allies we are happy to meet here today.

Magical moments assuring us we are seen, we are known.

Because we came out.

We came out to be exposed to the magic. Dancing through these gates. Being fully initiated. Leaving the old behind and accepting the New.

Our Vows renewed, we are onwards.

A Sacred Wedding always takes place at this Solstice Gate. From within to the without. Above and below.

And now the Rain is here. A Watery solution falling from the vault that held the merging that went unseen, but deeply felt. Now it rains upon us instead. Purging. Cleansing. Seeding that Light within. And bringing water to the seeds deep in the ground.

For a happy New Year is already unfolding.