Sacred Winter

Stay in the Silence within, there exists a sacred space. Transcending into complete bliss, completely consciously choosing calm.


Knowing you have fought your battles already. For decades. All your life perhaps.

And now you disengage from the world of battling and anger altogether. Let them have their fights. Using their voices to raise the worries that must be released. They too are shaping some sort of reality, even if you don’t share perspectives. All is held within this matrix, nothing is without.

Some are renouncing god, some are instead finding Source, some claim to know the truth better than anyone, some couldn’t care less about wasting time and Light by defining a liquid flow that is still in Creation. Who will ever fully know gOd? No one. Everyone.

The peaceful serenity that follows in the White of this particular Winter.

The moments of anticipating the Snow you know follows the building of this the Now you are engaging in. They will come. The million different structured crystalline Angels of Water taking form to be little blessings, prayers answered, little icy messengers from above. Each with an encoded message. One word. Gifted to you.

The ghosts visit and thus dissolve the concept of time. Love is instant and the warm liquid that wells up in your eyes from feeling them close by lets you know your Heart knows all forgiveness is upon us. Erasing any imagined limitation.

Calling in Sacred Fire to transform anything that comes into your energetic field. Coming into pure unconditional lOve. To let nothing penetrate that doesn’t come from that. But ready to hold and embrace that which does. And you wonder why you walked so alone for so long, so few visits. And why people stayed away. You asked for that. Remember? You set the bar to the highest point.

Breathing in Sacred Air.

Standing grounded and knowing Gaia. Sacred Earth. She has asked you to be here. A special invitation.

This Water that wells from your eyes, comes from your Soul expressing Love.

It is Sacred.

Let it flow.