One is All

Clarity comes.

Asking the body that cares not for the latest trends and treatments. The cultural conventions. Agreeing on norms and fashions.

But to be ill has got a bad rep.

Impatiently longing to be fully restored.

Asking the body that needed rest.

Unaccustomed. After a long retreat, hermit style, away from other people, in the sphere of knowing oneself. An aura was built. The unprotected state of questioning. And accepting that everything unaligned had to go.

Accepting several deaths.





The quakes and the fatigue that followed. Shedding skin and shedding memory.

Deleting programs.

Being born to consciousness at the age of 46.

I know no one and no one knows me.

I am everything and nothing.

Divine consciousness that retreated to the farthest distant heavens creating anew new worlds, new lives, new principles had to be called back, asked again.

Forged anew this awareness comes.

I am dancing in the clothes I made myself.

The mirror of the World within is as without.

I know my astrology well.

This brilliant web of connections and chances and doors and choices and agreements.

Like watching stars in an infinite eternity at night and never tire..

This one truth is still growing in me.

I am love, and I am mirroring love in return.

One is all. He taught me that.