The waning Moon greets me on this frozen morning. Hanging south and low, time warning and pale, being cyclical, bright and clear, mirroring the light of the Sun back to us all, what we see in it is our own stuff, yet still patiently embodying all that projection, she keeps shining with it her own Light, her own presence.

It takes some practice to look beyond the projection and see Her clearly. The wisdom and healing that lies beyond is a treasure not to be missed out on.

These times are like that. It is time to realize what we project onto each other, rather than see each other clearly, with kindness and compassion.

It is time to let go of being frustrated and accept that anger comes from this frustration.

The feeling of being unable to do, to act, to change, to have a say, to have our independence and we worry. It is time to lift our fixed gazes to the one problem, and realize where the true challenge is, because therein lies the most wonderful opportunity.

Rearrange your targets. Rearrange the perception and see the truth in every moment through these times.

We are human, we have to shake loose and heal our hurts, that is our own responsibility, and we must do it if we can and have the means, which most of us do, at least if we live in what we would call the richer parts of the world. Because we can. If you know better, you have a responsibility.

Even if someone attacks you, realize it is not about you. Each person can choose how they want to act. So do you. If you want the fight to be over, stop engaging in it.

Be assertive, be discerning, you can always be kind. You can always be compassionate. Friendly disagreeing. Honoring the other but honoring yourself too.

And then pull away from being lured and tricked into this collective aggression, the collective worry, the collective panic.

It will be alright. Truth will prevail. And there are so many truths about what is happening. There is not one. Many.

Trust in the forces of lOve surrounding us. Be patient with this change. It is still ongoing, journeying through all of us, to teach us lOve, kindness, compassion.

We need to choose. Now. In this time.

It will still take a little time before enough people understand, that trying to cure something has to begin in the place that caused the unbalance. And we are not yet there, when we are sidetracked by raging against freedom of speech, travelling opportunities, lock down frustration and isolation. We have been here for a second. And we will stay here so much longer if we do not realize that we have missed the point of what is actually happening.

But it will come. Perhaps only when the next pandemic comes. And the next. And we realize we cannot afford to not HEAL the cause of those pandemics and diseases, unbalances – or viruses if you will.

We need to know how our relationship with animals and what is left of the wild life- nature- land, plants, mountains, forests, oceans, rivers, air, the atmosphere and space above us and how we are dependent on the balance with all of that, before we see our future opportunities for existing clearly.

We also need to talk openly about death and dying, because this has become unnatural for us, and we fear death and we fear dying. We are uncomfortable talking about grief and ‘dark emotion’. We are only condoning a certain part of life, a certain way of acting.

We need to be open to medicine and how our bodies actually work. We need to accept that we have been manipulated into buying into that the medical industry is based on science- it is not- it is corrupt - power and money based, and science will actually tell you plant medicine works, that your body is amazing, that you are much more than just your flesh and bones and what is going on in your brain- for instance articles are being published now that scientists have discovered that you DO have chakras (!) - the problem is we believe what is told in news media, and we seem to be un-skeptical and un-critical about sources and reading ourselves. No one seems to be curious anymore.

So.. call back your anger, call back your frustration and worries. They do not help, they make it all heavier. Be at peace – and if you are not at peace, then spend time finding your calm. Do something new- meditate. Pray. Make deliberate acts of kindness. Talk to people on the bus or on the train if you are allowed to travel- ask them if they are doing ok. Ask them how their days are. Tell them they look amazing. Tell them they have kind eyes. Tell them it will be alright. This too shall pass.

Pick up plastic, litter and used masks on your daily walks- take them to the bin. Say hello to everyone you meet. Think kind thoughts. Be aware of yourself if you get pulled into debates that are aggressive. Ask yourself if you really want to- and if you really want to, try to be kind. Respect the other people. They are in this too. Frustrated. Feeling hopeless, perhaps. So contribute by giving hope instead and see how that goes.


It takes time.

But we do need to

address the REAL problem here. The way we live and act on the Planet is unhealthy. It is unbalanced. And we need to ACT on that instead. It is the ONLY way we will ever come back to the actual, real and TRUE NORMAL.

Image credit: Josephine Wall