Keeping the vibration aligned

We picked the highest mountain

The most dangerous and exhausting climb

The ultimate test of trust

In ourselves

Because we are the same

In each other

Climax and culmination

Leaving behind

A world of other people's opinions and judgements

They never understood

Never walked here

So how could they know?

And then another peak

Into the snow

The icy crystals hurting our eyes

The howling wind

Muffling all other sound

The cold

Numbing all other senses

Walking blinded

Into the realms of a higher state


The ending is the only chance

Of a beginning

We are strangers

Yet to each other the only homecoming

That exists

All that is real

Leaving behind all reason

All advice

Disturbing noise from a World

That doesn't understand

Fuelling the doubt of the whispers of programming...

'But it has to be this way..'

The demands of ego and order

It takes passion and purpose to break away

Courage is the motion of a daring Heart that knows the Way

A glimpse of eternity and the Silver chord


What to do now

Now there is only

The now

Aligning with the present moment

Releases all other confusion

Forgiving oneself for not being here

Into this Spring coming

The seeds have grown in our favor

The vibration needs to be

Now the wants are transformed

Let go of


Purity can happen

Allowing the Soul to rise

Peace falls upon the Air

in the afternoon Sun

Stars come out

And a certain quiet brings your face into my awareness

You are always here

Talking to me

As I am there joining the wordless conversation

We speak always of love

I am here on the highest mountain

On the snow covered peaks



Keeping my vibration aligned



In balance with



Everything at once

Just like Heaven

The ending is our beginning