In this Fire...

We walked into those Fires. Remember? Freely, willingly.

We consciously chose to set an example for all future times to come. The message was powerful, painful- for a moment- as we acknowledged, that being in the flesh has within the choosing and the agreeing to it, to walking this Earth on this amazing planet Gaia, the potential to journey with and through physical pain. It is the very principles of this life in this realm- the polarity, the dualistic experiences, that lead to so much understanding and growth.

Coming to terms with choice, in the wisdom and the knowledge to be able to rise above sets the soul free while still in this body. It takes a while, but it can be done. And absolute compassion and unconditional love are then the memory of who we truly are. It becomes then the only choice for living. Knowing not just oneself but knowing all life also knowing what to do- without any wavering, any doubt.

So, we chose the flames to honor our compassion to those very people who did not know any better and we forgave them, because they needed us to, and they needed that experience to come into the same compassion. However long it took and may still take. Because we are forever.

We know that we trust this transition, this madness that has to run through certain people- it is the breaking, the breakthrough through the break down of the old. Do you see destruction and mourn, or do you see release and the necessity for the old structures to come down for this new Life to emerge? It is the Tower in the tarot. Death. Kali. This process has many names and experiences and metaphors, because to many of us destruction and death have become equivalent to something that is bad and negative and we think it must be avoided at all cost but holding on to status quo cannot be. We must be flexible. Trust what is happening. Trust that for the new to rise, the old must come down. Transitional phases are always somewhat unpleasant if you fight the change and cannot go with the flow.

But, remember that Fire? We’ve done this so many times already. We forgot to look beyond. This life is but one of many. We are forever. Don’t cling to this one. If you are saying goodbye to loved ones crossing the veil- remember that they are being born onto somewhere new where their souls need to go- for their pleasure- for their ongoing experience of life.

My mother came to me recently because I am still grieving her 6 years after her passing! She said to me- enough- I am happier where I am now than I ever was in the flesh on Earth. I have moved on from that experience. You need to too. What is your grief really about? She showed me it was not about her, because our love is intact, unscathed, forever, as love is as it is its principle universal law.

So.. Do not despair, do not get overwhelmed with anger or fall for the discussion and the trap it really is for your emotional despair and frustration that keeps you from being in your Heart’s truth. Be clear. Be truthful. Withdraw and disengage from the arguments and the heated anger.

Remember the Fire. Know yourself. Keep yourself.

Act from compassion now more than ever. Because you KNOW:

in THIS Fire fear will be met and understood the bound will be free the lost will be found because in this Fire consciousness is purified.