Honest exchange

Freed of expectation having been initiated and dead a million times it feels fresh in the clear space.

Old illusions removed, having purged, sight is restored to see clearly.

A memory of before and not yet is forming the New Earth that has been spoken of for long.

All the work.

It was very dark the fear that had to rise to have the light rise within. To go through it. To stop running. To stop the excuses. To change the same action that never leads to new-ness.

From those choices in space time the dawn is birthed.

Shifting perspective. Transcending the identity. The Human moment. Knowing life goes on forever. After this.

An alignment with something infinite intelligent. Love. Joy. A substance so creative it will blow your mind and clear the field you have been limited to journey to.

I don’t believe in their religion. I can’t fit in their system. I don’t know how to small talk when my words are silent, and the simple energy exchange impact is that huge.

It was time to withdraw and release. Clear. Cut chords. Journeying into the Silence. Until the music of the spheres, the Song of Infinity became audible again.

Seeing clearly the color and the charged interaction. And knowing how rare honest conversation goes on. Seeing through the lies. All the lies people will tell. Out of fear. Out of not knowing love.

It is the wordless conversations and exchange on far simpler levels yet endlessly more complex we now engage in.

I know my Family. We are here out of time but always connected. It doesn’t matter how much time we spent together, the bonds never break, and the love grows.

Because it has no conditions. No expectations. It just is.

Now comes the time. Of just being.

No conditions.

No laws. No rules.

There is nothing to worship. Nothing to adore. Nothing that is outside of you. No comparison. There is just the You that wants to express. To create. To experience.

Call in Sacred Fire.

It’s time to rebirth.