Heart Wisdom

Coming around with different allies, waiting for that divine moment, for my attention too, finally agreed to join in, for this cyclical event, not to be missed, body not fully listening and content to follow the calendered daily routine rather than noticing what it takes for those ancient giants to meet, the new awareness of the portal behind these Watchers, this ancient knowledge that comes back through passing a and entering a journey in hallways of lifetimes, a party of goddesses in my House.

Stepping more and more into the madness that is the only way to be, knowing it makes the separation from the old world and its paradigms obvious, walking towards the new tribe, the place of belonging, where madness is normal.

No reasons to pretend, where the masks are coming off and we are breathing freely.

Where the Hearts are open and unsuspicious. Where the Sacred Prayers are thank yous. Well wishes. Kindness. Care and compassion.

The Hearts that are not yet soft enough will cleanse and cry.

Grief for those moments that bound pain and longing for exchange of free love.

Moments that can never come around again.

Asking for forgiveness. Grace and Mercy are rare visitors but invoked and invited instantly in a same motion as the grieving Soul allow the tears. They come in these rare moments to kiss you and set you free.

And the deepest truths sometimes are simple.

That the extreme need for control is a subconscious cry for allowing yourself to fully love and let love rule. Thwarted actions always carry a door to freedom, to the universe behind that mirrors what’s in your Soul. Dare to open it. Walk through.

She comes and lets me know how She shines. That the Soul is intelligent enough to see through those projection games. That love is stronger. And I finally get to cry the tears of lost times, of love lost and the Heart breaks open that room that was locked for ages and fresh Air comes in.

I walk a little freer. Having come more home within. No rooms are unexplored. The Heart grows and expands.

The Solid Sacred Women, She who Remembers, She who Knows, She who Sees all merging into the She that Loves. They walk with me.