Full Moon in Cancer

Detached. Un-wanting.

The torches carried light up the darkness. One flame sparks the other.

Coming back from death, changed. But walking tall through the gates. Released. Set free. Having come alive. On Fire. With love so strong and powerful there is nothing else, that's real.

Looking at this realm and life among the ones who have not yet tasted death and the ones who know how to die before they really leave.

Looking for the ones who are fully and truly alive, those detached souls who are aware of the true beauty of this World.

The ones who are curious about the truth in their Hearts. Stronger than the pull to follow convenience. Being numbed and lulled and lured into safety. Doing the do's rather than the don'ts. Fearing the roaring Seas and the full moons of your soul screaming to be acknowledged, felt, outlet, cared for, given into...

Alive or living dead?

This world collective celebrates happiness and joy. It shuns dark emotions. No one has time for a human being going through hell. Grief. Pain. Disease. They become burdens, because they trigger a reality, we so don't want. Fear of Darkness.

Suppressed and un-outlet, the need for control grows. Ironically, fear seems to be ruling the decision-making of the majority.

I am happy for the pain, the darkness I went through to be fully and truly born into this realm.

Freed from ancestral karma, freed from the programming projected onto me about how to live, make money, be in a relationship, love, be a good friend, a good person...

When all all of us are really here to be.. is being who we are here to be. Not what we are told to be.

When I feel all alone, which I often do, here in my lonely life, with very few friends, very little family, and still in recovery, with very little things to do and very little energy too, I shift the perception of that and feel all-one.

I remind myself that I never came here to have a life full of people, lots of friends, being popular or particularly interesting. I didn't come here to have children, and I didn't choose to have parents who grew very old. I came here for a few good enough reasons to fulfill my soul's journey this time on Earth.

So I don't have to do anything else but follow that passion.

I have love in my soul and in my heart. I rejoice in feeling one with Nature.

Knowing my path. Knowing who I am.

Detached. Wanting nothing but the light in my soul to shine forth.

Art: Autumn Skye