What is there to know?

All the self-acclaimed Knowers and Seers claim to be transmitters of Source. Space has become so crowded. With thoughts and questions and demands. Like the Forest on Sundays. Now. Through these times. The quiet replaced by noise. People everywhere.

And everyone having an opinion. Discussing which kind of Love is right. What kind of Peace. How to pray. How to align.

Too many claim to know. Truth. And asking to renounce the ‘old’. No further definition. But those ‘they’ seem to be telling you, that whatever you previously knew.. is wrong.. to come follow them instead and be right..

Have you been listening inwards? Have you been following your path? Even if you are not sure (and how can you be?) it is the only thing to do.

Trusting you and your path even when it gets dark is always right.

I heard 'truth' too often that simply didn't resonate.

So, I left 'spiritual' community and came into myself again. Trusting the inner voice and decided on a few trusted. Alone in joy. Being on my own- with a special few.

Trusting my own way of Praying. Of dancing with Nature. Of seeing Stars at night. The communication and exchange and remembering joy of living. Being. Seeing. Sensing. Experiencing. The curious Child within re-awakening.

Finding new places of power in Nature. In stillness. Small spots unknown to the crowds. Same with space. Direct Source connection.

Where it grows silent again, I can hear clearer. I trust that union and communion.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and want to act. But think again. Feel. Listen. Is it really a re- action to the times? Have you been stretched and pushed? How invaded is your Mind? Are these your own thoughts? Have you been tricked? Being told the same thing over and over until you finally believe it?

Let go for a while. Question your Mind. Come outside. Take off your Mask. Breathe freely. Remember you? Remember this world?

See if you can discover it again. You. In this world.

Where are you in connection to each other? Who are you? What are you doing?

Are you happy? Do you have hope?

Can you align with love and be joy in action?

Do you believe in humanity? Do you believe we are powerful positive by nature, kind, compassionate wanting to be together, wanting to create beautiful and happy lives for us all?

I do. I do. I do. That’s all I know.