4 Years Ago

I wrote this 4 years ago: Think where we are at now...

This is NOT a World I am liking to wake up in.

I feel the anger in my Soul for being subjected to this kind of thwarted archetypal expression of extreme low vibrational masculine power. But then again.. it's a culmination of what has happened for so long.

Is this what brings balance to the world? Do we need this kind of extremity of display of egotistical manipulation of power to really see where we’re at?

I came across a gentle woman recently, who compared the state of the World to the process of a Caterpillar. An animal who eats everything around him, greedily, excessively, seemingly destroying his environment by his obsession to eat, only to be able then to go into the chrysalis state, the cocoon, to transform into the beautiful butterfly. I hope she is right.

I hope, that this time is a reflection of that. The projection and last spasm of the present masculine archetype who we let rule the world for centuries to where we are today.

Ruled Mother Earth and everything Feminine into submission, exploited her, took away her natural cycles.

In the book of rules and love, claimed holy, this energy was left out; leaving out the most important chapters, deliberately, a book on how to behave in the world without the natural magic, fearing freedom of the people. Balance between us all. Seeds of separation planted. That we are separate. Alienated. Different. And we grew up in a society, the one solution to a State, where we envy each other, suspect each other, and we thus contributed to this state of separation, learning how to act on fear. To be greedy. Learning to lust for power. The elitist state.

But we are all the same. We know that fear is an illusion of the ego. And this is a reflection of yet another Man whose ego is under pressure, because he knows no better. He's but a reflection of the collective where ego death is a certainty. No reason to fear him. And we’ve endured mad men before.

Is this the end of the World? It may be. It may well be. But then it’s the end of a world that can’t stand in the old. This time coming will prove to show us this. That there is a NEED for change. Sure, we'll take on four more years if that's what it takes for the Sacred Masculine to rise. Then balance must come. As it was always written.

We CAN change the World.

Have faith. I will pray for OUR World and for the people in it. We will need it.