Fortune comes in Threes

It comes in Threes. Ancient magic delivers its messages timely. Be barefoot.

The reconnection easy. Instant. Such is Life with what’s outside the door. Not asking much. Just to realign and reconnect. To listen.

In all that exists, seen and unseen, these moments are golden and will not return elsewhere than but in your memory. How will you have perceived them? Are these the times of great initiations, the times when the World changed, your inner world started to blossom and you felt you finally arrived in your body, simply because the ego lessened its grip on you and the road cleared, the heart won, and your soul was granted safe passage to start contributing, breathing out what had you locked in for so long?

Getting out of the habits and the routine, being flexible to your life that seemed to reboot by the seasons, never knowing how easy life is with constant change.

Arriving or journeying? Fixed or flexible? Letting go, holding, exchanging?

Life with unconditioned needs. Coming into Knowing instead. Freedom. It opens the door to all that is yours. Simply by asking. Manifesting. Invoking. Blessing. Being grateful.

The dance of life goes on forever.

I can’t tell you that there is anything to fear out there. Because if to you your fear is travelling through you, then it is real. Momentarily. But this too shall pass.

All I can tell you, is that when I tune in, all I see is Love. Peace. Harmony. Joy.

When I turn my gaze outwards.. .... ..... !

So perhaps for a time.. it’s time to be quiet. Let people go through what they need to go through. Trust me it is not letting them down or being selfish.

Be there and hold a space. Hold them in your Prayers. Practice compassion. These are very powerful actions.

Support is not fixing others. It is fixing yourself if you need fixing so you can come back into love. Being there it all becomes clear what is love. And then you can act from love instead of..gods know what.

Be that change. If we all come back into love.. THAT is going to heal ourselves, each other, our lives, the way we treat this World.