Mutable Earth New Moon

Summoned to the dawn of this Earth yet again as a new day begins, words and images are still softly dancing in the Air before you. You rise into them and bring them with you until you remember, why they were important to remember.

The Earth dust particles that have crept into you are working through the cell to awaken and match the information within. Agents of memory.

Stirring there from within who knows what is awakening within you. Shaping your actions.

Bringing forth words you forgot you could speak, manifesting little spaces of Joy and beginning to see the wonders again. You can’t remember when you saw this the last time and something precious you thought was lost is brought back to you.

Like magic. It’s not that complicated. But you must leave your mind to fully know it.

All that from swallowing a little dirt every day.

Who knows really how the body works? Who even bother to question anymore?

We were guided to listen with discernment. With care. To question. Stay out of the storms and go inside. When there are too many voices in the outside, there is greater emphasis to listen to the one inside.

When I go inside, I hear the Music. I fall back into Songs of Creation. I know there is intelligence behind the Web. The Spiders are showing me the signs everywhere.

This portal time. Weaving the future. From all that is Past. In this Present I breathe. Sacred Breath. Aligning.

The many portals within. I bring all of me back to that. And I cross the threshold. One initiation at a time. Blessed. Bathed in the Light. It’s shining from within.

The Love I am is manifesting in the without.

If your world seems dark, go inside. Peace and joy will find you there.

Art: Susan Seddon Boulet