Those little shifts in consciousness, do you notice? Instinctively or intuitively? Both perhaps.

Can you sense the awareness from your body reacting a little different than just a moment before? How attuned are you? Do you listen?

How still can you be? How much calm can you hold? Before the silence becomes noisy? Full of triggers and call for action?

Clear that out please and come back into practice. This is your daily service.

Several portals are opening through the coming time. They come quickly after one another. They are important and intense. Initiations. To meet yourself in the rite of passage. Locking eyes with your past self, what do you see? Can you forgive and let go? Embrace the wounded, inner child, and release that girl or boy into those gorgeous fields of forever? Bliss and freedom, so you can be present?

Remembering those vows made on a dune above the Spring Ocean, receiving the salty Air brought to you by the Waves of a chaotic time, just before it all broke down. What promises could you possibly give at times like these?

We burned them in the Fires of a New Moon before the second coming.

These gates are one by one. You cannot skip steps. A series of transitioning. Into this Fall. Into this Winter, before the Light returns to the New Earth. Some New Year celebration on the Solstice Portal.

Can you go out to the Woods? Can you go down to the Sea? They reside there. Ask.

Hold out you Heart, hold out your Hands. Receive and be received. See and be seen. Listen and remember. You are an agent of this.

Bring back the messages, let them shine from your bodies. Be the Light. Shine.

Remember what is embedded within your cells. How intelligently and elegantly and intended you are. I cannot stress enough; Know yourself. Know your planets. Know your dialogues. Know where you are linked, what wants to shine through you.

We are all needed here. No one is outside. Before this season’s fall.

And the Light that wants to rise upon this place. Know it. You are it. You are already shining.