There is a bigger wave than this...

Stay centered now the wave is coming. Connect to peace. There is a calm to be found right here in your Heart. Where joy resides. Where knowing prevails.

There is will and force and intention behind all of this. Some is guided, some is protected. Greater forces. Great help. Great love drives out fear, anger, pain, hurt. A reaction is expected. The egos that fight against this believe fully in sedating the pain rather than being free. Codependency and quick fixes to ease a soul hunger momentarily. The only way you can help them is by example. All are going through transformation in their own way. No one is without.

There are many changes, but there is not much uncertainty. But you will get confused if you watch the news and engage in social media where the storms are high, emotional outbreak is intense.


This is not a dark time coming, it is liberation. It is only dark if you engage in all that.

You know in your Heart what is coming. You know why this is happening. Stay in love. Stay shining.

The old world and its cosmic world order are falling apart. As within so without as above so below. We are here with you.

Reconnect to the Natural World and heal the split. Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The Great Mothers who are the consciousness of this realm. Aligning and exchanging with their starbrothers and sisters. Guarding all beings here on this planet. We are far from the only people here.

They are all in labor birthing the new. Call in all Earth Mothers and Earth Fathers to aid them. Bridging the worlds within worlds.

If you are one- come. They need us.