Allied now. A different Woman. Mature. Having descended consciously, not fallen, before, endlessly cycling, she knows death is never the end, merely a beginning.

A fresh start. Ripe with wisdom from the journeying before she merges now into depths on completely different terms.

These Waters have never been deeper, but they are welcome. She invoked the Oceania Goddess. This Lady of The Sea feels known and remind Her of a life on a different vibration, with different terms of Life. Easier. The time of mermaiding and that people would never pollute their world, like the ones here do.

Their Union comes timely. Separation is not an illusion although it is, depending on the eyes that see and the ears that hear. But going through states of conscious deletion of old programming is necessary for those who wants to journey onto life in alignment. Free of projection. Free to live in peace. Calm within. Changing the world without. The inner alignment to sacred union mirrors the outer. That’s all. Simple universal laws so hard for the ego-mind to grasp. Balancing and fine lines.

It’s the awakening of the Sacred Heart that yearns to be in alignment. That cannot access those Waters without each other. He holds a key.

And She finally cares less of anything else. There is so little left to be concerned with as the mission and purpose of being, of being in existence becomes clearer and clearer. Brighter and brighter.

As the human life in this World seem less and less desirable we begin to wonder what this New Earth awareness really means.

And it’s holding on to the visions and the prayers. The silence and the calm. Of intentionally shutting off news streams, Lies. Manipulative games. Restrictions and control. But allowing the freed mind to be free from more mental construction and let the light in our Hearts shine through.

Tune out to tune in.

But how fixed are you on transcending into your news feed or Instagram glitter? You are distracted. How about tuning out? That’s where the true live stream news are coming from. From beyond. Those downloads are incredibly clear!

Thus through manifestation it all comes around again. But we have to join. Now. Lose your mind, please. Discern whether you are pushing dirt around.

Do you think I have lost my mind? Then you are spot on! I’m in my Heart, tuned in to the Soul news.

I’m in love. I stay there. Then there is no disease without perfect health, no death without a new beginning, no control without the option to be free, no fear without the option to trace it back to love and peace.

It’s choice really. Always was. Always will be. Setting yourself free and remembering who you are. Letting go of your prison. Reaching out arms open, Heart open, asking...

What am I doing here?

... wait to hear the answer- do you change accordingly, or do you cling to your prison even more? Can you let go and can you instead come home?

I walked into the Fire too many times. I forgave the prosecutors, their death sentences, their egos, their lostness, their pain, their delusional need for power over peace, freedom, it was never about me, I was only the vessel temporarily, I don't have to carry all that. I've let it go.

I am not alone. We are many. Coming into Union. Coming into Peace. Coming into this New Earth.

These interstellars are conjoining now. It’s all timely. It’s all. Now.

Do you still think you are here on accident? Incidentally, by chance? Random?

Come now! Know yourself. The Sacred Union is within. As within so without.