Nature vs Culture

While talking about what happened in the ages of categorizing everything- whilst really separating and creating the fatal divide between culture and nature- the pre- Darwin-times, my teacher asks us: Who here believe they are part of Nature?

Puzzled by that question in the first place, even more surprised by no one responding, I say: I am Nature!

She looks at me as if I am mad.

Defining moments like these. Split between whether I should engage in that discussion in this forum, with this kind of thinking, I just sit with that reflection, but it follows me home and I reflect for days. Undecided whether to give up entirely, as I know from experience, that very few people care enough anymore, they want no problems, easy lives, vaccines and immunity and things to go back to fucking normal, rather than be curious and considerate enough to think and question how the hell we ended up in this situation in the first place- the last they want is to be told about their own responsibility for being here, for participating either passively or actively to where we are today- all of us because we are never separate from the world. THIS is a collective.

And then again, maybe it isn’t, maybe the collective and the Akashic field, really IS shutting down.. And this whole New Earth movement has had me questioning whether it is meant to be HERE, or what the consciousness that is Gaia really means. But that’s for another post another time..

I wonder how she would have reacted if I had told her, that ‘I am Nature’ means more than being savage or enjoying walks in the forest. It also transcends the pre-Christian ideas of paganism, it is a split that happened before that; when humans put themselves above nature, above animals, above creation. Above harmony and coexisting. Another post for another time.

If I had been honest about what I see, and feel sorry for her because she can’t.. Because her mind has her so convinced that that, what I see, is threatening her life-beliefs, so she has to think I am the mad one. And she is not the only one.

If I had said the truth; that when I wrap my arms around my Tree in the Sacred Grove, I am connecting to a spirit representative of the entire place, but it is also a surrender into the connection to the beings I respect on equal terms as live and real. When I dance with the Fairies in the afternoon Sun on the field or sing with them in the Moonlight at night or in the early mornings, I consider that part of nature as well. When birds fly into my living room and look at me, I see that as a sign- a conversation- even if I am yet to understand its language. When the Buzzards hover above me in circles, that too is a dialogue, a message. When a Snake crosses my path to the right and I pick up an Owl feather to the left in the same place, I understand exactly what that means.

When the wind turns south, when the stars on the horizon have shifted, when certain things align, when spiders crawl into my house earlier than usual.. How the soil smells after rain, how to do a medicine walk, how to notice life everywhere.. That question becomes utterly irrelevant.

How to be on a dig and understand LAND. Notice why certain things are placed or thrown where they are. To reconstruct use of elements. Obeying the wild. Still coexisting with it. Not being blank because the mind is transcended into thinking social media, technology, comfortable material life. A mind that has been programmed into cultural thinking. Positivist linear thinking. Having spent decades deleting these programs and coming into Soul Knowing. Re-membering who I am. Not reading about it in a book, someone wrote 100 years ago accepted as truth by too many self-acclaimed smart people and thus never wanting to disagree with it out of fear of looking like the fool. Intelligence is man-made. Man-decided.

But this is key: That we are still consenting to the idea- and it is a constructed one- that we are separate from Nature. See, my teacher's point was, that if we believe (funny word ‘believing’ in this context where ‘knowing’ is not even considered) that we are part of nature, that must mean we deny science, logic, reason.

If one is not curious to push the limited beliefs or ideas, constructed in the past, how can we even use language or engage in dialogue? This is the kind of mess I’m in.

The ridicule and the discrimination that comes with deciding to (sorry for the quotation marks!) “get educated” first of all at my age, being that kind of Christian that follows anismistic-shamanistic-gnosticism rather than what the Bible was mistranslated and misinterpreted to and raising these kinds of opinions.

That’s all fine, I don’t care most days, because I have such a rich life not being cut off from my Soul and the fabulous Life I have being aligned with Nature, but the interesting question that rises from all of this is:

How has NOT believing we are part of Nature shaped the world we live in, the realities we are in?