The Ocean in Me

As a wave I feel it rising within

From the depths of the infinite Blue

Merging and mixing with green and grey

Kissed by reflections of pink clouds in the early evenings anticipating a flaming setting Sun

Captured memory of stars, moons, and comets while the world kept spinning

Goddess Gaia breathing her nutrients up through our foot soles while walking barefoot through this Summer

The scent of pines and moist forest Air

Waiting waiting waiting for all of this time to catch up with us

The heart opening taking time and patience is not a strong suit

The right constellations

A portal opens only when

And we were walking on to get there

Now that wave is crashing on my shore

Bringing those Waters full of dreams and joyous things

tickling my insides and pulsating the currents as the Water fills the bay and stays gently rocking this tide back and forth

The Heart that skips a beat but catches breath

The Woman looking for her Man to see him coming up the road, up the Hill, looking like the Forest

She went there

Merging with the memories and the time that had to pass

Opening Hearts and clearing old boxes of pain

To realize this only

Stepping into

Perfect life, love, joy, complete alignment

Forgetting deliberately

Consciously erasing

Anything but this

You can take all your fights and battles away from me now

I am happy I am whole

I love my Ocean

It is me.

Image: Fibonaccis' Muse, Greg Spalenka