A space opens within the sounds of Her voice.

It opens the cells and lets out any stored toxicity. A hundred angels strike and caress this exhausted body.

From out of the fever visions walks the new knowledge of how to heal.

This one thing I have always known, that just as my generation of women were carriers of new light to the one before ours, so too is the one after. It was always so.

I feel relieved knowing this.

I am thanking gOd for women in knowing of who they are.

I am gifting myself soft pink roses in expression of gratitude.

The wisdom of the body finally allowed a voice that make me leave the mind even more. The mental programs. The lazy repeat of what other limited minds have made into truth on a piece of paper, and the dullness of acceptance.

Rejecting our own inner knowledge.

I laugh at how this is deemed relatively insane, when it’s probably more the other way around, but the 'us and them' mentality is leaving my inner sphere, so I care less and less. Especially what they think, because the mind is so... limited. I will try to explain if they are curious to know. If not, so ok.

The joy of getting younger while growing older.

A new vitality is breaking through as the old dies.

The Crows have been waking me up in the morning. Waiting for me to surrender to this death. Allowing, accepting. Releasing.

In the fever vision He speaks so softly to me. If I never marry myself and enhance balance within, how will there ever be peace in my world? This is my sole obligation.

To speak with Water or to speak with Fire. And discerning when to. Through a cleared lens this world is a friendly place. A place where all that happens is welcome. If it bothers me, it’s a mirror. It doesn’t mean I cannot try and change if it is just something I cannot accept. Water or Fire.

The fever clears in my burning body. Through this sacred alchemy I was let in on a stored secret hiding in my cells. Of potentiality. Of becoming. Purification. I saw my place of passing and as beautiful as it is and I so long for the loved ones waiting there, it is not yet. Not yet.

But to the sound made and voice of an Angel, I fall asleep.

In the morning I wake with no fever.

Image credit: 'Divine Alchemy' ~Greg Spalenka