A full step into your own Power.

Cut all your chords. Release anything that is holding you, or anything you are holding on to.

In this New World the Light you shine casts no shadow.

The polarity truth of the Old, is no more.

You simply shift perspective.

Something does not necessarily include two options, a mirror, that tired old trigger truth story, ‘if you feel this, it’s someone else’, ‘if this rubs you the wrong way’, bla bla bla.. when we feel something, it may not have to be someone else's, it could be YOURS, your own, if so then own it, release it.

Careful of the lazy reruns of worn out truths you maintain.

Be passionately curious still.

Question everything like with the innocence of a child.

You are still but a baby in cosmos, with the newness of this Dawn, your old wisdom and knowledge may not apply for these times. Be ready for not knowing, stepping into this New World.

It may be difficult for you at first, not using your Mind like you used to - all its reasons and stories and memory of old wisdom. But you will have to question all your old beliefs once more.

They may still be valid, but your perception of the Teachings of the ancient Avatars may have been according to the level of interpretation of the old system- and you may realize something new....?

Did you not notice how some of your old friends do not call you anymore? Let them go- you have no affinity anymore.

Bless them, bless yourself.

Do you experience that the usual stories that would automatically run in your head do not run anymore?

All the reasons the mind could make up. All the blame and projection.

All the need to categorize the actions of others? She is like this, he moves like that. Control. It’s gone. For you. And you are laughing now at the role you willingly played for others and their need for placing you in that little square. It seems like madness now. Repeating the same over and over.

They did tell us they would turn us up to a fuller volume, max capacity for what we are able to at our current state.

Sometimes it moves so quickly and shifts so elegantly fast, at the speed of that Light you have allowed to shine through and merged with, knowing fully it is who you truly are.

Why limit yourself to this human moment you dwell within, when you realize there is both access, permission and possibility to move through the Passion that had curled up in your root, in your Fire belly, wasting light, years, exchange.. Contracting, shrinking and then gone to sleep for fear of being here?

Remembering the second you fully enter you are cast back out. And it was not that, because that was fine then, back to the Stars then, it was the seemingly endless bindings, the karma, the principle of those dense human emotions that stuck like glue to your Star robe, it couldn’t wash off, you couldn’t shine it away, undo it out there. It was locked to your footsteps and it took so many weavings in the web to arrive at certain constellations for undoing.

At this new Dawn having it finally released, removed, erased, it leaves you with this open door.

The invitation to unleash YOU, to start weaving, start demanding, start Crafting..

New allies join you, you see things differently even though you have looked at them a million times before. You notice nuances, subtleties, the spaces between, everything tastes better, colors are clearer, music is felt at deeper levels, love reaches in and fills your empty spaces with light and compassion, the ability to receive and be received and you have no caution, no guardians, those halls shimmer with pearly white, you reside in there in all your glory, all your joy, all your Craft and creation and creativity.

It's the Craft. The source of unconditional, unlimited, endless Light and Love.

This Song is yours. This Craft is all yours. Let it run through you and erase all the old memories. They are unimportant now. They cannot follow you into this Light.

The Light in this place that casts no shadow.

So, the past has no interest anymore, we cannot create there, there is nothing to do there. It has become irrelevant.

All that matters is the future we are weaving, we are deciding on this very moment from the White Halls Within.

It may take some time before it manifests. There is some resting time needed now, just to sit and rest in the Light. The force of your Craft.

And then you know what to do…