It always greets me out there at the edges of where the dawn meets the gate between the worlds. Called in. Back. Coming back into this life and body, it is with new awareness and freshness.

One more day. One more.

The first rays of Light merging with the opportunity to choose consciously. How to wake up. Weighing the options. Today’s work. Pleasure too.

There are still magic violet rays surrounding me from the encounters of last night. Going out in the late night after dusk to search for stars and comets but meeting instead a much closer ally with a message hard to ignore.

They always come in threes. She was there already, all those years, but I wasn’t ready for Her. She hid and waited for me in the back of my Heart-2-Heart ally in the Grove in the Moon Valley in the Forest.

Because the Heart opening business took those five Years as predicted after the Field experience, the Fire, the Time Gate in the Castle on the top of the Mountain. The Journey from initiation times to Wisdom. She comes now with a message of the Time that comes After.

I ponder the truth of the things far closer to our energy fields, the of this world beings, but then again, we are all otherworldly visitors here, momentarily interacting in symbolism and energetic interchanges, though I may begin to argue our brain capacity and neurological exchange with these new codes and frequencies dialogue in ways I have never seen before and open us up to several new things. Capacity for holding waves is one. Understanding new languages. Memory of where we actually evolved from another.

One of our greatest avatars spoke of those with ears hearing and those with their One eyes seeing. Perhaps They are now received from this new capacity for Knowing rather than the past 2020 years from a ... different.. capacity for interpretation of what They were.

I remember the dream about the Ocean and intelligent Light on the horizon arriving to exchange. Their Light beings coming through in color rays through the Water. I wonder if that is… now..

The Moon and Jupiter alignments infusing something familiar within as it is mirrored without. She is growing Full and pale pearly white and she always take my breath away, when I gaze at her long enough. Mesmerized.

Back then she was a Blue Moon. And all doors opened. He offered a handshake. A pact. Blue became such a relevant color.

There is no ache in this Heart, no remains of past hurt to clear. This Soul knows her path and pact clearer than ever before. There is no urge to look back, but all reason to look ahead, to a future coming that is looking strangely brighter than ever, although I realize everyone else are talking heavy and doom.

Living in Nature where seasons are reflected on the depth of green that slowly begins to turn withered, brownish to yellow.. The apples are ripening, the nuts are bigger, the raspberries no more and the morning sky ..different. This Summer is ending.

As if the End of the Old World follows this year’s season, as now the Summer recedes having blown hardcore the Winds of change.

I long for Snow covered landscapes. The Cold never bothered me anyway. It is a New Day.