Desired Constellation

I underestimated his strength.

His knowledge and wisdom. His genuine gentle spirit.

The messages he came to deliver.

I only had my gaze fixed on Her journey. The morning/evening Journey.

Her Light body on the Sky, so brilliant with all her Jewels and Diamonds. Easily resonating with the journey that goes on forever; into the underworld, rising again brighter, into the underworld, rising again brighter.

Her Journey is always praised and celebrated, while he goes quietly about, delivering his messages in an almost subtler manner, had it not been for the very obvious alignments He this time pointed out, very loud and deliberate.

But there is a fixity deep in my soul that is unshakeable and that stays, once aligned to its Truth and its purpose for Passion, and at least She is finally obeyed and recognized as the true mistress of that house.

Her cycles less erratic, She embodies the wisdom to hear Him out. See his point. Trust His Heart. See who He truly is. Treat Him as Her eternal Equal.

The Heart opening exercises done in exile, did let out the ghost, the ancient prisoner, finally put to rest, finally let out of the burning Fires, and received in love and release, She no longer needs to repeat the injustice. She is free now, as are they her persecutors for having burned her on the stake, those many lives ago.

What was bound then is unwound, undone.

Healing through forgiveness.

Finally, all free to create a better world without fear, without need for control but with a soul need for peace and co-creation.

The screaming anger demon feeding of the Dark Feminine’s shadow phase disappears from this world and the next ones and all the ones before. That door is shut and dissolved.

It happens instantly once it is acknowledged.

All that is left is a little Girl’s vulnerable beating Heart. Her curious eyes searching for exactly the desired constellation.

Waiting for the same degree. Arriving exactly when.

The shared axis, all the angularities suddenly merges and mixes in a friendly conversation. Back to the table it is. Thrown like dice. Repeatedly.

The Hawk glides elegantly and effortlessly on the Wind above, satisfied with Her work, always protecting Her human allies.

A Sacredness is reinstalled onto this world, where certain minds and souls now are able to hold a deeper version of The S/He-that-is-never-without-the-Other. The Lovers. The Dancers. The Healers. The Romancers.

And as the World begins being Sung into yet another Creation phase, I realize how many times we die in this life, how many times the World wobbles and shifts.

As everything that dies, shall rise.

Now, as the chapter opens for embodying those manifestations, I am but waiting for the physical to catch up with what I’ve seen unfolding...

It sure looks good to me.

As being open to receive also means being fully able to give…