Trusting life, it seems became irrelevant.

Trust too. Obliterated. Dissolved. Erased. Understanding what follows needing to trust. The enormous need for controlling outcome and trying to figure everything out. To such a degree Life becomes a secondary flow.

Exchange of vows. Bindings. Expectations. I know no one who are that free. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist. My soul feels the need for breathing freely and roaming again freely. No contracts, no words to keep. Trust became irrelevant when you are free. No need for promises.

You see, stepping out of the illusions the need for trust brings, it shifts the fear that comes with it, the what if’s and all the heavy you also need to carry in the search for finding the trust in your Heart. It grows with the pull in my soul, that is not mine alone, that there is no need for faith and trust anymore, simply because the polarity that comes with it opens to far greater madness that eats on you.

And there is an opportunity to choose to dismiss it. But you need to arrive at that insight. In time.

And as with everything else kept on Earth principles and time space laws. You cannot fake it or cheat your experience.

So keep walking.

Keep walking to arrive at ‘further down the road.’

And that meeting is beyond all that old stuff, that seems irrelevant now, as the old is dissolving behind me and the future is building with such force and splendor I am just too curious to see what comes rather than contemplate the heavy past for faults and fears. I’ve sent the jOy there is to be had once Hearts are free, those who are able to forgive and be free.

Stepping out of the old skin. Shedding it, accepting the change that comes with moving away rather than getting stuck and become like a Rock. Waiting. Petrified. Letting go everything I ever believed and trusted. Such a redemption. Allowing true love in. Unconditionally.

The Song in the Soul shines in all its glory aligned to purpose, a deeper and stronger sound than the hopeful and fragile tune from a needing Heart, that needs to find the One singing along. Those Heartbeats are counted, but the Soul is forever.

I am free. This part of our Soul is free. My eyes are opening to seeing far greater truths and possibilities than ever before. Knowing has replaced the need for Trusting.

This change comes along with the rise of the New Earth. Where there is only Knowing.

It opens to rooms far greater than what I have seen before. A new Path has opened.