The footsteps in the magic forest of many rituals and ceremonies echo peace and serenity.

The evolved consciousness that is Gaia breathes freely here and perhaps it is why not many people are drawn to the forests anymore. They are for those who feel the call to wander freely, long and far, in awe of the Spirit, the devas, the beings and the many realms one can walk into and out of, the wild, surrounded and nourished by the abundance of herbs, edible plants and berries.

A place to be received and to come out changed. Being guided. Lifted. Heavy released. Water broken. Birth ready. Inspired. Suddenly knowing when before doubting.A nomad life preferred over the sedentary. Constant adaptable to change. Energetically as well as physically. Being in the Know of when to move and shift.

She wants to breathe freely, as the life force She is, conscious of her place in cosmos, undergoing cycles and phases, knowing Her role and influence, we are not irrelevant to Her growth, but She needs to breathe out. At times, when She is suffocating, She stirs. She revolts. Do not take it personally. Do neither underestimate Her power and force, the ability to change in an instant is there. So be ready to move.

Once we had minds that were in tune with this Knowing. When to move. On. A change in the Wind, a Star, a constellation, on the Horizon after Sunset. We knew and respected the pact made with sacred beings- all of them- when to hunt and kill, when not to, and how to live in balance. All this is old news, but most of you have forgotten it once was like that, most of you care not anymore, and sit in your houses watching the news like they were prayers to recite, requote and live by, like it is the truth, and you listen never to the voice inside..

This is why you don’t come to the forest anymore. You have forgotten what it feels like to be free. As if you care not. Care not about the value and worth of your life, but yet you cling to it unaware of how to fully live fearlessly..

In the forest, most people take a walk and think its lovely. Fresh air and that. But you are afraid of the smallest animals. The spiders, the beetles, to be burned by the nettles or touch a poisonous plant. Because you have forgotten the pact with nature and all beings. You are out of tune. So much fear in this world. Unecessary.

It feels as if there are still two kinds of people… The nomads and the settlers.

The notion of the well-known shriek from the Air as she hovers above me, circling, and we connect in an instant. My old friend and messenger interrupts the train of message from the inner voices talking in me.

There are red clover and butterflies, and this time two pairs of glasses are hanging on the branches of the trees. One for reading and a pair of Sunglasses. I laugh at this old joke between the forest, the Twin and me. But this is what I need. Now.

A Fire burns at the end of the walk. I burn the old truth in a prayer of release, knowing the energy work at play at this truly defining time in life. There is no time to be lazy now, a New Earth is growing, it is already beginning, and we all need to decide what is needed and demanded from us.

For everyone to come into their own Light-journey: Everyone is on their own healing journey, no help can be given right now, you need to come into your own Light and Soul, because you want to know this from within and not keep hearing it from your teachers, gurus and helpers: To break completely free of the attachment and neediness and know for yourself you need no one’s approval, you need nothing from the outside, no praise or accept, nobody’s love can be taken from you, you never needed it and you were never without it. You are love in your very essence and being and it is time now to be coming into this very simple truth. That you are free. There is no pain between you and your loved ones. If you feel pain, you are still bound by the untruth and you need to work on it. To step into the glory of the Light you are and shine. Let go of everything else. Set yourself free so you can be with all people in JOY. Not wanting or needing anything from them. Then no disappointment exists, no jealousy, no wanting, no comparison, no envy, no obsession, no attachment, no projection, the mirror-psychology reference is old world too..

For the Twin Flames: The Blue Flame pays a visit. In a flash of memory, I see the pact made, and how Human Life blurred that pact. Seduced by Earthly life and other people, life after life building more karma, inflicted on ourselves, the journey made longer and more complicated, resolving things with them, life after life, until at last a chance for ‘I will always find you’ was made possible..

We joined in union to first and foremost trigger the remains of individual karma and we got lost in believing it had anything to do with us.. There is no pain between us. There never was. It wasn’t ours. But we started believing the lie that is was. WE got stuck there. And our souls drew the line and released us from this madness.

In this Salt Water at this beach at Kattegat a rebirth takes place. In the Water We disappear, instead You and I emerge in the knowing we are two different people from One soul.

And one day we will find each other, when our Soul feels it is time. There is nothing it wants more than you You and I to be in Joy together as You and I. Joy only. Freely. Playfully.


The day begins with a magic prayer. One to cleanse the yesterdays, to forge the energy to rise anew, and to build again in this New Earth with pure magic.