The Comet

The crystals dance in the space that has opened up before me. The worlds have merged, folding from multiverses that are closing in on each other as they have been always, allowing for several dimensions to co-exist at the same space time continuum. When we say the veil is thin it is these moments when all doors open at the same place and time to let us in and out of dimensions. For some it happens once or twice, for others it is a constant.

The mind may be unable to participate in these experiences and go, other minds are finding it the most natural in the world, as it allows them a constant in and out- ness awareness that reconnects them to the truth, which is a relief for them during this Earth-journey.

Those crystalline light consciousnesses are reaching me from the passer by comet. A giant from far corners of an endless Universe. It brings great messages. One is telling me that there are other similar consciousnesses available to us than Christ. Many Stars are emanating consciousness much like our Sun, that was worshipped in ancient times.

Others are informing me about the future and the New Earth and affirming messages I have received before, that I was asked to share with a selected few about the New People and their purposes in Sacred Union.

Some messages are deeply personal but hold visions and sights and words of truth.

There is much fear in this world. Fear of separation and loss. The fear is for those who haven’t found love within themselves and have not yet let go of the illusions of the principles of human life. Even those who claim to be aware of God, Cosmos or the Light or whatever you call Ꙩ. When loved ones pass or relationships fall apart, there is a fallacy in believing grief is needed. A broken Heart. The Heart cannot break. The ones we love and are truly connected with (which is in essential everyone!!!) are never gone from us. Time is only a concept in this Erath life, without it, everything happens in a NOW. You care less for Earthly events and yesterdays when everything exists in a now. Love is everything, no thing can be without it, it is your ego amnesia that allows you to cling to fear and your souls cannot speak to you, because your mind is clouding your truth. It is like a muscle in your body. If you do not work it and use it, it becomes weak and its memory has nothing to rely on. If sued and worked, it builds memory and it foes things automatically with very little effort on your behalf. Because you become strong. So it is with your soul. Work it. Use it, Listen to it. Then it becomes louder and stronger than your mind.

A scent of perfume fills my nostrils, it is well known. It is the one my Mother would wear when she was still on her Earth-journey. I realize I can sense her now, without being filled with the aching grief in my system. She is here in love and we are never separate.

The Sun is so strong this year. I wonder if this is why days are mostly overcast this Summer, as if the light can only be had in small doses. Summer in 2018 with a 3 month constant heat wave and no rain, was a forerunner for this and now.. There is something about what comes to us from the infinite universe during these times, whether you see it or not. Massive consciousness available to us.

The Comet is one.