You begin to wonder why and if you ever felt an honest need to want and live with anything other than the Light that shines deeply from within.

It seems to have fully aligned with a Knowing.

A consciousness of something true, soft, bright, kind, playful and so gently loving.

The knowing of coming home to yourself. To merge fully with your soul’s light. Where all your journeys end. And begin.

Dancing on the lawn bare feet under the rain clouds, the Sun or at night under the stars. Breathing in the scent of pines, the sweetness of life blooming and growing around your house, the dust from the comet that fill your lungs and the available new Light is embracing and sharpening you.

A guardian in the shape of an animal, that provides cuddles and alliance. Unconditional friendship.

Abundance at your hands. Nourishment and care. To eat when you are hungry, drink when you are thirsty. Dancing and stretching, strengthening the connection between brain and muscle, or release and sweat.

To sleep when your body needs rest and your soul an outlet to journey and heal from the physical and mental quakes it has suffered. Old illusions of how life was. Weaving endless threads of new stories, new dawns, new beginnings, realizing we knew but one same old tired story, we knew so little and not each other at all.

Spotting and tracking the birds of prey on the afternoon sky as they glide by on their great Wings and call you out to follow them into the forest or onto the hills or down to the beach. To Swim in the cold dark water and enjoy the thrill of the chill and the free weight of your body on and in the waves. How the current caresses your body and all your ancient memories and instincts set in, never failing... Swimming like the Ocean Being you are at Heart, this eternal playground of treasure.

The wonder of how much sky is visible in this place. Grasping the infinity of this world but also the next and the next and the next… And the free soul you are acknowledges within this limited body awareness that you are eternal and walk between the worlds and all of cosmos is your home, because you are unbound, released from prior contracts and you are allowed for a while, while the World is falling onto its new axis and the rest is aligning to where you have arrived at, to dance in your own Light.

The experience not unlike being a Child again and playing, careless and free, untroubled by the chaos of the times, trusting completely that what you have been gifted by sight and vision, that the New Earth is coming and that all the old lies about struggling and fighting and how horrible everything is, is truly not so.

It is part of an old paradigm that is going through immense shifting and transformation.

The joy of knowing at last


Your Light.

And that you are free.


Grateful and journeying with JOY as the wonders you are expressing through.

Image credit: Shawna Erback, 'Under the Tree of new beginnings'.