The green is like a dream I once had.

Cocooned and safe within a ring of tall green pines. Protected from the outside. Resting. The Heart on a break.

The Keymaster allowed a well needed space time to forge the new keys. Making sure the old doors are locked before letting them dissolve entirely along with the disintegrating old worlds, until they are no more. Out of existence.

The invocations and the undoing. Releasing. Forgetting. Having erased those memories, those emotions, those days.. Gone entirely.

The wounds that are slowly healing through time and worm holes.

Black holes and revelations.

I found this Garden, that looked like the old fairy tale I once wrote about a girl, who lived by the cycles of the Moon. About a Rose that only blooms at certain Full Moons.

The Wind that creates bell like songs through the leaves of the tall trees is the music I listen to while a million clouds roll by all forming a million different images and worlds to gaze at, phoenixes rising and vanishing again never taking flight, angels, mountains, faces, guides and keepers all drifting by above or below me I can’t tell if I am looking up or down, floating unbound cut chorded free soul in this new cosmos I observe building from the foundations of a new energy, that brings to life all that was silent, and suddenly it begins to sing unknown and unfamiliar songs of creation.. like the dawn of time, I realize in a sleepy moment before I let go and journey into a dreamscape where all color is more vibrant and sharp than I have known before..

I journey far and wide into dimensions and realms where all kinds of healing and teachings take place and as I wake, I don’t know what day it is and care not if it matters.

The skies have turned into a dark indigo velvet with all the stars upon tonight, a comet passes by, and its dust tastes sweet in my mouth and affirms where I have just been and the teachings received are suddenly crystal clear and active as its dust penetrates my skin and lights up the ancient light codes I carry.

I laugh at this sensation that tickles all my senses and awakens this one knowing of what is to come.


A time to rest and heal.

Shedding skin and bringing to peace finally an ancient agreement that has now been fulfilled and its torch passed on to someone else to continue the work and transformation, I feel free and content in living the rest of this life in Joy.

I just wanted to hold you in my arms.

This One Heart of ours that beats in Unison. It never felt stronger as it loves uncondtionally with Knowing as its sole force and purpose.

Awaiting the New Dawn of the New Earth.

Image credit: John Simmons Titania sleeping in the moonlight protected by her fairies