A New Earth is rising

Ask yourself why you believed you would go on living the way you did before?

With your personal pain released and relieved you became free to breathe and allow in greater understanding. How everything is intertwining and what your part is in this Universe.

All your smallest steps and movements set forth into action that which creates the new Earth, the one you were promised, the one you obliged to co-create.

Did you forget? Indulging in the sweetness that is fake and leves you addicted, wanting, needing more. There is one far sweeter and your Soul knows this one to be the only one that resonates with the Journey you remember.

The interstellar is rearranging and what you are observing serves as a mirror from within. The World of worlds and the Soul of the Universe is within.

How to begin steps in this new Earth when it has not yet fully made manifest those paths you are now going to be walking?

Yet so undecided for so many. And the realities in which you are acting are not aligned, and not the same for all of you just yet. Therefore silent retreat and solitude is still requested. So pause and be. Wait. Things are still being woven. Engage in everything that will pave these new paths.

And decide for yourself, but please ask this when you engage in going within, feeling you, your connection to the lands you live in and on, and if you have danced on the lawn recently, bare foot, talked to your trees and your spot in where the Sun falls on you, the Moon light, the Stars that are beaming their encouragement to look up and out and remember from where you came- what missions and light codes you hold, or if your gaze is solely fixed upon this human life with all its enticing wants and haves, because you can have them, get them, buy them, indulge in the euphoria they bring to your body, but you must realize they become a toxin, a heaviness, a mountain to carry, one you cannot climb and pass- and this sweetness is nauseating not joyous.

Cut the chords now. The old life, the usual response, feel how your physical structure does not respond to the impetus or the pulse of that life. There is no contentment, no rest, no fulfillment, or satisfaction.

Your soul is hungry for this new different vibration beaming its response to your new cells and your new movement. From all this waves are set in motion and all manifests in a different way, thus the new Earth rises.

It's as if your skin has become too big for your new body. The pains now are shedding this. Stretch and feel your force, your power, feel how young you are. This is the detachment. This is the knowing you are eternal. A baby of this cosmos but yet so old, so ancient, so full of experience and memory.

Let go of the amnesia now. Stop looking back, stop the eternal loop of fixing, healing, scratching the itchy wounds. Rise above it now. These human wounds, these temporary scars are nothing compared to the bliss of feeling the eternity of your being. The magic of the Inner Light.

Come out of the desert now. Your tests are far but done. Stop excusing yourself. Don’t do another course on 'how to…' Save the spot on that course for someone who really needs it. Go where you are needed. Where your path, purpose and power align to the awakening. Stop taking and doing what’s not yours. Step into you. Step up.

Share your wisdom. Light up your part of the light chain. This is what you came for.

Image credit: Unknown, do let me know.