Venus Grace

It is the outmost expression of Kindness at play in the Universe.

The Venus Awareness wherever she falls for you and whatever she activates on her journey in your Interstellar, making you stretch further to bathe and swim in her Light, understanding how essential this Light is for your sꙨul nourishment as she communes with and has access to a certain Grace unknown to many, for they never think they can ask for it.

This fate is kind. It unfolds in accordance to The New Earth era’s laws and principles, and even if they haven’t fully unfolded for your consciousness to grasp yet, they are already forming in the grid vibrational frequency around some of your bodies, and it will not be long until it has fully manifested in this realm you call The World.

You have seen glimpses. But not the full plan yet. Wait. Things are still being woven. You thought you knew about the new time energy. The new consciousness? It has already been here and is shifting again. This is a Kindness of the cosmic law. Things are changing.

You are realizing and releasing ancient karmic imprints that you agreed to embody on behalf of ancestral lines and the collective. Then there was a pause in all that as you needed to not feel the collective madness and needed to feel your own sꙨurce alignment to be ready to hold the New. Things and events you thought were repeating patterns are actually your newly attained sꙨul-sꙨurce alignment seeing that you are exactly where you are meant to be expressing and unfolding, so anything not in your contract has to go. Now.

The pain you are experiencing is exhaustion. Yearning to be at home within. Of having performed for too long out of agreement with sꙨurce-sꙨul contract. The Darkness is still clever that way and will try to bind your awareness to thinking (operative word!) that you are in pain. It is only the mind that can experience pain, that is not physical.

The sꙨul knows there is only peace, but is patient, kind and allows you to go through these lies until you become aware that they are lies and you’re free to release or until you have strayed so far from the contract that you are allowed no more.

This is the fine balance. The web and its mystery. The world is changing.

Beyond anything we’ve seen before. And there are greater forces at play.

Be very conscious of where you are exercising your energies now. Whose company you keep. Seek nature. Be still. Wait. Things are being woven. Venus wants you to have the sweetness of Life. Grace is being given to you. Call it in.