Alignment clarity

Coming into clarity, alignment. The world is new and the eyes are adjusting to seeing it from a new perspective.

Clearing the old programming, soul called to do the work for decades, now you arrive at the final hour. You are ready, so ready that when the shift actually happens, you hardly react- or perhaps you do, but in a way that was unforeseen and unusual, because the old programming of emotional responses and coping mechanisms are not in your system anymore.

You realize you are in the middle of releasing the karma that held you bound for eons.

That very moment in your soul journey that makes this one incident in your human life infinitesimal, so that soon after it passes you breathe and adjust and open your eyes and look out on a world you don't know. The within has instantly manifested a without. Trying to realign your soul strength to this moment that just passed, and then looking toward the coming future human months as tedious, knowing you have to journey through them to arrive to where you know with absolute certainty you are going to arrive at. Because it is in your soul script and cannot be undone or unchanged. This knowing, woven from this comma in eternity, is what keeps you strong. Because you know that they need your Light, not your pain.

So much to feel in the time between before and the not yet. Waiting for things to be woven. Respecting the karmas of other people that you have obliged to journey with. Those extended limbs of your soul. Expressing itself through the life of another human being.

Strange and complex is the Web, really, when it reveals its mystery to you. A glimpse of the eternity is trusted you, enough to make you release completely, trust and surrender your will, that seems endlessly unimportant in the face of Ꙩ's creation.

The grace and humbleness merges into a mercy beyond the wildest hope for love you could ever possibly have imagined for yourself. That is how incredibly loved, held and supported you are.

Realizing how great powers are at play for you, the outmost expression of divine will and potentiality for YOUR journey and all the magic is exactly the life you know to be yours.

Words fail you. Objections fail you. Thoughts and actions muted. A silence befalls your being. It feels numbing and comforting at the same time while you adjust to this calm serenity, where you’d before react with great pain and great grief, now there is a growing unbreakable golden liquid within you that seems to erase every memory of pain, loss, grief and separation within you and replacing it with a golden consciousness and compassion.

This is in you and you remember who you really are and who you are to be.