The space between the old, not yet, and waiting

Surrounded by Beauty, everything unfolded, peaked, stretched. Burst.

The darker color green on the Trees. The depth of Blue on the Ocean.

We’ve lost the innocence now. We’ve been apart and initiated. A union is calling us back home, to start again.

We tend to forget who we are in the comparison. We forgot to understand and be humble. Whose wills we are obliging to, what we are here to create, where we leave footprints. Karma forever or remembering we did exchange Hearts, and we did carry each other, but time came to carry ourselves and listen to our own Heartbeats, to restore balance, to come home and step into Power.

These are the Waves. Pulled back, way back from the shore, what’s on the bottom of the sea is revealed. Baring what was hidden. Now left to collect and rearrange perhaps or remove, before the tide comes back, the big waves before the big silent. And then the Sea will calm again.

Twin flame journeys make no sense to people who are not on it.

We want to make rules and follow them because then we do not need to make up our own Hearts. We don’t need to feel the pain. Never underestimate the fallacy of your Ego. Bring your questions into the presence of god. You will catch a glimpse of the complexity of the Web, and it will make you laugh at your make-believe rules.

Don't ever forget to consult with your soul and Source, even when you think you know it all. You don't.

She paused right there in that House. Inviting us to revisit those narrow rooms. Just to make sure, we took it all away with us when we left. The force of desiring to be free and happy make us ignorant to how much work sometimes needs to be done. The greater the knowledge, the greater the responsibility.

She held that Space.

The roses are in full bloom and the Light is receding. Midsummer nights counted. The Light is still strong. Magic still accepts your request. There is still Time. Do yours.

The Harvest is coming. The fruits of this Summer. She held that Space for us. A gift. A new beginning.