Summer Solstice New Moon Eclipse

Are you reacting to this Dawn, this new Life?

Are you full of strange emotions, from thrills to exstatic joy, inexplicable darkness, fears, worries and grief? And can’t you find the reason and are you desperate to because you still believe that if you can just get to the cause, the root, you can understand and understanding brings you peace?

Let us change the narrative from ‘hypersensitive’ to in-the-process-of-aligning to source-force.

Just as there exist colors beyond those of the spectrum we humans can perceive through the capability or- if you will- limitation – of our brain, so too exist emotions beyond our human range -that only spans somewhere between joy/love to fear/hate/pain- that we cannot express or feel due to our Earthly principles. And those colors, those feelings are in your soul memory from those past lives in other dimensions, other worlds, with different principles.

A little crazy for your acceptance right now? That’s ok. It doesn’t mean it isn’t so.

If you are one of those who know this time to be the one you came for, then you will realize there has been a full volume turn up in all your chakras through these times, so that you are coming fully into who you are. Full power.

This means several things: First and foremost, you are cleansing what you have stored in them and subconsciously held onto. So past issues, especially past (!), will resurface. You will realize this full volume potentiality, is your full force in motion, and it is not just what isn’t in alignment with your life that goes, it is the sum of all your lives. So those emotional states that are beyond the capacity of your Human range, how will you possibly express them?

You can’t, so they will manifest some other way for you; perhaps as a strange rash or fatigue, sudden illness that has no explanation etc.- you get the idea.

Secondly it also means that you are like a Newborn. You are adjusting to this new World that has already manifested for you on a vibrational level. Your senses are alert and heightened. Until you adjust and adapt seek solitude, seek nature, and take care of yourself. Eat balanced, eat well, drink enough, rest and go within. Align. You may have done so already. Great.

You are here for this time.

Since love was rebirthed in you, the Christ consciousness taught you forgiveness and compassion, you cannot but journey with love in your presence. Words that bind and are unkind cannot survive this time.

Through the world of Thought and expression you are going through this now. You are prompted to release the traps and bindings, vows and contracts you made intentionally or unintentionally, either way forgive yourself, but call it back now, release it, set free, let go, unravel, undo it now in this Balsamic Moon time before the Solstice Gate, before the Light retreats and the Year goes into Autumn, it is timely, it is for you, it is the great release of all things that cannot follow you across the threshold into this great purge before the New Dawn.

You are here for this.

You are here for this powerful Solstice, this New Moon, this Eclipse, this Life. On this Earth. This is intelligence beyond your imagination.

There are so many messages coming through for us all. If you feel called come and see me.

Either way. This is your time to shine and step into your full force. You are being turned up, full volume. There are a hundred thousand Angels by your side. Earth is already in a process of vibrational shift. It is in full alignment with Cosmos, also seeking alignment with Source.

It is the nature of Thunder to crack the Sky with great rumbling and intensity. But the Air afterwards….

Use this time to prepare. Reflect. The Cardinal Wave that follows will be a purging. Let it go. Let it out. Blessed be this incredibly potent and powerful time upon you.