In the Void

Eclipsed and let in on the inside- outness to look from the mirrored within as without. Looking back at him to see if he was looking back at me to see me looking back at him. The Blue experience and the Hearts that were exchanged, given back to regain their individual strength and experienced alignment to source revisited- Just to see how that was going.

Those rare portals, I told you. They are tricky. But mastering the moments and not getting lost in narcissistic reflections, they facilitate immense possibility for transformation and release and thus takes you to those blind spots of yourself, to show you where you have become lazy, stuck or just ever so oblivious to the fact that you never healed, you kept repeating a pattern, because it is what you have done for lifetimes and changing it, was harder than you thought.

Eclipsing onto a scene that looks familiar, readdressing the themes, The Sun and other luminaries shine a Light onto your work. This is the exam of the past two years. And while the mental constructed one, the one where you repeat that you agree to the one fits all is easy to pass, the one where there are no right or wrong answers, there is just aligning to sOul purpose, you must accept and live with how it feels when you know you broke certain promises. To yourself. Your closest. The greatest pain in the Universe is knowing you have caused another human being so much pain, and this one exam... you failed.

The gatekeeper promised me this one thing: To always be there and make sure that what cannot stand will and must fall. And that it is a good thing. Wanting only true lOve. Nothing else. This is why I made this pact.

Being reminded of that experience, I understand the importance of these times. Seeing it is a kindness sOurce provides. The act of grace. A nudge. Wanting us to succeed, Wanting us to live in absolute joy. Patiently waiting for us to adjust to the fact that unconditional lOve very much seems like madness to those who are blindly living in demands from their egos. This is the forgiveness I fall under. So forgiveness is still necessary to arrive.

Before the Solstice gate opens and the Eclipse lets me deeper into another room that is yet locked in this rare inside outness-state, the gatekeeper makes sure a new key is forged. It is all about timing you see.

The Hearts may have been returned, but that wasn’t the end of it. That was only step one. To understand those Hearts individually and let them align to sOurce, before fully comprehending they are One.

It is from there they will learn this mystery: That knowing Oneness is different from understanding that there is no separation. Knowing Oneness brings peace and guides you home.

The gatekeeper, the Blue Light, the Luminaries, the Solstice and the eclipses all unite to make sure I got the right key.

Now, we wait. In the Void where all things end and begin. Again.