An embrace cradles you. Holds you in. There, out there across the final frontier, where you stand naked and alone. Daring one more step. Just to see, what lies beyond the usual act of asking, seeking, looking for someone else to reassure you. That unrest, that unsettledness, that worry, that fear that hinders you from living at peace, in harmony. Although you’ve heard it a million times. But now the time has come for you to know it deep from within. So you walk. And walk on. Pushing further. Letting go. Opening up, shedding your thick skin, vulnerable but True, rather than powering through by really having put on another layer of protection. The facing of yet another crushing emotional wave that towers before you with such force, you know that the moment it peaks it will break and cascades of Water will fall on you and pull you under, and you are not sure you have the energy yet again to swim in those currents as they come at you from all sides. No more. No more movement. Standing still, being pulled backwards through the scenarios. To feel them again. Smaller doors opening in those moments and you get to see the weaving behind. What goes where and why. By unraveling, you understand and see love. Forgiveness. Undoing. Losening the grip, the grudge, the judgements you made out of fear and lack of Knowing, you venture deeper and deeper into compassion. Into love. And here you are able to let go. The hiding in a fog of protection. The fake bravery. The untrue courage, the mental constructed common sense. You let all that go. Because you see how you designed all of this to learn how to grow deeper into love. And co-creation with Source. You see the Web there in the weaving. You see your own Soul knowing exactly what it is here for. So you either learn to adjust your sails or rest assured you are on the right path. Allowing everyone else to do theirs. Working on their alignment. Individually. But joined. You see who you journey with. You see and remember you once asked and was given the answer already. But fear clouded your memory of that. But the answer is one and the same. You listen. Quieting all that made noise before. From underneath the screaming, you hear suddenly the Song of Creation. You are embraced. Held. Having fallen into Her Arms, you realize this love comes from within. Because you and the Great Mother have finally aligned. And she holds you so tight, you know you are never going to be out of Her embrace again, and that you never were, but the conviction of separation was strong with you. Once you are there it is quite hard to go back to the hurting you had yourself convinced you were experiencing. Even if it does hurt living life, the pain, the separation, the physical, the psychic, the emotional, and the mental pain you are able to experience and live with as you journey on this plane of existence. These are its principles. Duality. But seeing through them and remembering who you are is also one of them. All the while alignment to Source is taking place through these intense times. It is happening. So, bless you Heart and tell it to Sing along to your Song. It is always singing in there, in those quiet places, you can always visit within. You can always go within. Do it. Do it now. Because the New Earth is forming and your Song is part of that. Image credit: Unknown muses from a Mystic.