New Moon Eclipse

The Heart eclipsing. A dark illumination.

In this kind of Darkness, a door is opening. A rare event. You have chosen to come here in these times. You have designed these events for you.

Do you know what this means for you? Are you fully aware of the magic- this magic?

In this Darkness we get to have a moment. To release or be made aware of what hides in the blind spots of our Hearts. Adjust your eyes for this glimpse, rely on those senses that are instantly turned on in this moment and is the only pathway to this Eclipse. It is so small. So brief.

These times are made for letting all other things be and attune to the Cosmic show. As within, so without. You have no other business right now. And things can wait. To know these times is to say the ultimate YES to co-creating the World that is rising. In these times.

Can you feel it? -You changing. -You shedding the final skin that was made for the old world, but while consciously choosing the unprotected state, you are also manifesting the New World. Singing it into Creation, you are designing your reality. Trust that you are ready for the New. From releasing all, disintegrating, you are forming anew. Rising in your own pure power. Being initiated. Anointed.

How can you make this time matter?

How can you attune your Heart to what is happening- this time- to you, for you and what is your conscious service to this new World? Because She is attuning to You. She wants to happen to you as much as you want to happen to Her. This is Cosmic cooperation. She wants this change. You want this change. Co-creation. All is in alignment. All is singing together. Weaving. Manifesting. It all comes together now.

It is not just one portal. They are many. One door after the other keep on opening for you. Walk on, walk on.

Have the courage to follow, to go through, to accept, to say yes, to surrender, trust and let go of everything that is not in complete alignment with who you know yourself to be.

If you need guidance Come and see me.