Into the dark caves

Like Death and Dying there are some places, other people cannot go with you.

Like into that Darkness that is ours alone to illuminate by bringing our own Light within into it. When we remember to shine our light it casts out our darkness. Simply.

These are your soul scripts. These are those tiny dark places, you are terrified yourself of entering. It is easier to rely on the common sense and the accepted do’s the collective are performing, so you look around you to see what others would be doing in your situation and you feel estranged and alienated for realizing how far that is from what you instinctively or intuitively felt was right. For you.

You want to ask for advice, but sometimes you find that no one else can actually advice you, because where you are, they haven’t been.

You need to trust the voice in your Heart. Because YOU know what to do. You know, you hear it, you understand. This is your path. No one else’s. Walk it. Even if it means walking alone. For a while.

The Journeys we take to have our life unfolding mirrored back to us, can be strange, full of mystery and not deliver their actual messages to us until much later.

I thought I was climbing mountains, when what I was really doing was experiencing the womb like tranforming darkness in the grottos and caves. The Fixed Mountain was actually a Rock. Invoking the three Goddesses on the top of that hill the very first day; Moon, Venus, Gaia. The Whitehaired Seer and those words on that field. Pacts cannot be unmade when you have formed and agreed to them long before this life and the one before, and their purpose is seen through the eyes of gOd.

The Venus Journey that initiated and opened the doors to the Moon Uranus initiation that would open the door to the Dark side of the Moon, then onto wOmanhood and then onto Soulmate Journey, only then working on balancing the masculine and the feminine Light to shine equally bright in this World, that then unraveled entire past lives and leaving a life I hardly remember I used to live. Then called on to merge with those Rocks that had been deliberately placed and carefully chosen to stand on Sacred Land and form alignments with Stellar events, within the White Quartz memory of ancestry, past, present, future, potential, unfolding and still stretching into our memories that we seem to have forgotten or just have a hard time accepting what they actually hold.

We tend to expect it to be complicated and wild when we look for Mystery, yet simplicity is the very essence of Mystery. We just cannot fathom that Life is that magical.

So, if you are afraid to walk into your Darkness, I will let you know: I am too. In there no one is holding my hand. I need to let go, trust and surrender my ego, and have faith that some things even I cannot change. Some things are meant to happen. Some things are inevitable. Some things are Fixed. And when they are, trust it is for the very best.

Remember who you are and why you came? Good. So breathe out your Fear and walk into that Cave and come out when you’ve collected the Treasure. Take your time.