Hearts mirrored

The very deliberate shift.

Manifesting in a new House.

Like a Bird who knows when to leave. Feeling the pull. Instinctively. On to greener pastures. New Life. Fresher Air.

The feel follows the shift. The changes. The New. Longing for Home inside but understanding fully what is within must be without.

A long journey seemingly but only for those who sees in comparison. But for the nomad this is a normal life and couldn’t be any other way. Time to move on.

The Heart beats to those rhythms. The dance with life itself. Having come to the Sea of Origin, felt the currents of those particular Waves, having swam in them, drowned in them and realized there is no death only a new beginning once the old is no more, the excitement and joy the Soul is made of, the magical stuff you can weave into the web of co-creation, there seem to be no more objectives. No more reasons not to, no fear left and if there is, the knowing now how life is without that prison, the only longing there is, the true yearning is for love that is unlimited. Unconditional.

Too sensitive to be around judgment and prejudice, the old ways, that life, She moves further and further away, but closer and closer to the One thing, She knows is True. Freedom follows the brave. The courageous. Those who seem to trust this infinite love to be the only thing that matters. Unconditional. Free. Unlimited.

Don’t take life so personal.

Your Soul is so much bigger and wider and brighter than your Persona.

And those who keep judging you, who keep saying they don’t want to see you get hurt? Bless them, they mean well, but cannot see you clearly, for the fear of getting hurt they carry around their own Hearts.

Stay clear of the projection games.

Compassion. Unconditional love.

These are the messages and teachings available to us now. This is what we are happening onto, yet again, and always. He is here. So go now and bring into his presence your ego. See how that goes...Have a Heart to Heart. It certainly are times like these..