Eclipse Season 2020

Falling into the arms of the great Mother, means to surrender fully. Handing over those final barriers. It is better to have the Heart broken open, than to have the Heart broken from living a life protecting it from being hurt. Somewhere in those growing experiences you learn to trust the strength of your Heart and its connection to endless forgiveness and source. It is ready to let go all the time of that which does not align with your Heart of Hearts.

But this little door cannot open for you until you dare to let go and trust. Why cling to the fear that keeps you bound to that life? A life in fear. A life where all you manifest is the same play over and over again. How many times must you play the same part until you finally realize, that when you do the same thing in the same way, no change can come. Your past is on loop. Turn it off. Begin anew. Ask yourself. Consult your heart. Ask for Help.

The advice sought and given through times of special alignments, a quickening in the Force field, is pure and direct. The veil is thin. Merging with that consciousness may shift something within as well, something that you instantaneously then in the same movement release to see it gone forever.

How do you expect love and understanding from someone who are not yet in love with or know themselves? Give time and patience. Love yourself in the meantime. The messages of these times are just that.

It is mirrored in Nature’s beauty through these intense Summer times. How in love The Great Mother is with us, with life, with giving us these wonders ongoing. All this flower, plant and Earth perfume and lush life growing, stretching, caressing, and teasing our senses. This is the essence of joy, beauty, love, sensuality.

An initiation yet again on that point before the Solstice portal. It passes there every year as the life cycles onwards.

But this year they are aligning as an embrace beckoning you to fall into their arms. It is happening in a few days as the Full Moon culminates on those points to illuminate what was once darkened, recently, but also a while back, and then connecting the dots to faraway and long ago.

This Illumination also holds a small door in the moment of the Eclipse. They are waiting there for you, this unique council of representatives of LOVE, having been summoned through these special times to give you this moment in time to initiate and bless you. Giving you the opportunity to bring before their presence and light something that you have held onto since.. you know when. To have it released, set free. Finally.

And in there, behind that door the future is being woven. You can add to the thread by imagining the outcome that serves the highest good for all involved.

See yourself and everyone in love. And then dare to enter.