Sadness of Gaia

Heart conversations.

Those voices that you can suddenly hear, now there are fewer distractions to your life. Contradicting the direction you thought you were headed or beckoning you?

Exchanging. Breathing in. New life. Breathing out. Everything that stands in your way of becoming. The breath slows your pulse, you can hear that inner drum. The bassline to you Song. This Life.

Your Soul knows the way. Remember?

Once you get into the habit of seeking the answers to your questions from a place that holds a higher frequency than from where you are asking- then you might actually learn something. New. Something comforting. Something that reminds you, that this Universe and your life too, this existence, its foundations, the ground material, the substance from which is was woven and from where it is governed, supported, guided, held… is love.

I asked gOd.. cause I listened to that song ‘If gOd had a name what would it be and would you call it to his face, if you were faced with him in all god’s glory- what would you ask if you had just one question?’ (And in my world it goes like this, that the next time I listen to that Song, I get another question, and thus it’s a conversation! Clever, right?) I asked gOd, because it had been something, I have been questioning lately with all this going on.

Life with virus. Life with natural disasters. Life with danger. Life in fear. Life without freedom of speech. Freedom of choice. And then life without the touch of other people. Life without Nature!!!!


And worse than all that, life in a world governed by people who don’t have the Heart to care for other things than power, wealth and control.

All these dark thoughts, but especially the Fear. All these mad precautions humanity is taking, because essentially, all this is made manifest, because we are afraid to die. Something we fear more than not having money which is essentially the same when you think about it- it comes from realizing that death is something we have no power over. We are all going to die.

And no one talks about this. You don’t get taught at school. You don’t talk about it, much. It makes you feel uncomfortable. It makes you feel sad, because it is connected with grief and sorrow, because you believe you are separated from loved ones, which you are physically, but their presence is never ever gone from you. I have seen both my parents through dying from cancer, and this had a hold on me still. The fear of getting sick. The fear of dying like that. Still, the clear memory of the morning my mother passed when her final breaths merged with a bright light in the room, and I honestly couldn’t tell if that bright light was her soul leaving her body or her Angels coming to help her cross, or a mix of both.

So… Because of all that… I asked gOd.. Is it scary to die? Does it hurt?

And the answer came back: Now, think about this: Why would it be? And from where does this idea come from?

Reflecting on that answer, it became clear to me how much we don’t question our beliefs.

Life with fear is a prison. It is not how we are meant to be living. We are not built to hurt and sicken like that. We are not meant to die alone and afraid.

This time has opened the door for some serious reflection on how we are living, how we are dying. How we are treating ourselves. Our ethics. The value of lives. How blindly we are accepting that what authorities tell us is the truth. How much we are willing to live with, that is far FAR from how our souls decided to come here to live. No questions asked.

These Heart conversations available to you now, through these times, are preparing you for a solid change of life. To one in faith. To one where you can surrender your fears and open your Heart and come into your own. Your soul knows this life, your Soul is not aligned with Fear, it is aligned with The Universe and all creation. It knows its place here. Why it matters. Listen.

Take and make time to have these conversations with your Heart. And gOd. Or both. You will find, maybe, that they are agreeing a LOT.

Image: Josephine Wall: Sadness of Gaia