Creation of Summer

The forest is so enticingly and beautifully green below. The leaves are still youthful as Spring is still in reaching its full vibrancy, though the Trees are much older and wiser, their cyclical outbursts are showing how timeless their innate potential is.

The pull from somewhere deeper than the Heart aches in a new way, or a way unfelt before. Words dance upon the memory of lost conversation; the level of depths are equal to the highs you are able to reach.

The ache in the chest makes Water run through the closed eyes, and this liquid is so warm, as if it comes from the deepest of streams. This is not pain from hurt, this is from a sOul looking for Home. A memory of knowing something else, something safe, that hasn’t been found here except momentarily, in glimpses, looking into certain people’s eyes, though but a few. Moments of reconnection. Knowing they are here, the people who come from the same place makes the journey less estranged, less lonely, even if most of them, safe but a very very few, don’t remember themselves from where or even that this connection is shared, agreed to, made and designed to push pull and sharpen the very memory and home coming to one self also.

The Forest. The vast Ocean.

Seen from above is endlessly beautiful. The vibrating vitality glowing from them. Such splendor. Such power. Such energy. The pull in the Heart.


Seeing the place of origin. Wanting go. Longing for it for it. But comforted by the sudden awareness that the co-journeying souls remember. Few. Rare. Aware of connections and soul contracts. Feeling the love. Accepting the obstacles and limitations.

Seeing suddenly the body sitting there. A strange and new sensation of feeling drawn to this body, that skin, that hair. A pull here as well. A gratitude. A love. A deep connection. All that body can. The running, the dancing, the endless multiple sensations of being in those live bodies of the Earth below that feels so homely, like a best friend, like a Mother, the scents, the wind, the rain, the sun. Swimming in the Ocean. The endless experiences.

Not done yet. Not finished.

Understanding now that the pull in the Heart, the aching, is not a pain. The Heart doesn’t need Healing. It just loves. Fiercely. Passionately. Deeply.

Knowing Life. Co-weaving with it. Is a journey of love.

Image: Josephine Wall, Creation of Summer