Powerful Stuff

Powerful stuff, astrology.

Stars shift and cycles return to remind you of their connection to your from-same-stuff-woven potential to be.

Their movement within this womb still feeds you, nourishes and sustains you. You become ready to be birthed when your cocooning time is done. These experiences you have are making sure, you grow accordingly to your readiness for the next. Growth and maturity. Life is one ongoing cycle of it. Small deaths and rebirths. It is a principle of this Earth. Birth onto this realm is one of many doors. Life after (d)Earth.

Ability to be portraying the full shine of your combination of luminaries and their symphonic dance within your DNA, you see yourself connected to all living things. The elements that are the keepers of this realm are manifested there within your way of expressing your soul. The more you become aligned to your Heartbeat, the rhythm in your Song, the more you feel safe.

Allowing to express that golden liquid that shines from within, you feel exhilaration and joy. It all becomes easy, this knowing yourself. You are not in a hurry to obtain something or go somewhere or happen onto something. You understand Life.

What you don’t have you don’t need right now. What you do need right now, you invoke and accept. What you don’t want is probably there to sharpen this awareness.

One of your purposes is to shine onto that, which is currently in the Dark. To move from the dormant to the activated. From sleeping to awake. From the unseen to the visible. To be known. Thus taken upon, this projection returns to oneself where it is fully embraced and treasured even, as ones’ personal super power.

A reminder currently of times past before. You remember reflections upon how you reacted when faced with a similar situation. How is your Heart now? How much has the brokenness allowed the true Heart to shine through? You no longer believe it was ever broken. No thing can ever harm you. It can only break the you, that needed to be shed to come into full knowledge of this Truth: That you carried an armor to protect yourself from something Fear had taught you to beware of. When that armor breaks, good riddance. What is underneath is raw and vulnerable at first, once you learn to move freely with it, you realize with time and courage, endurance and forgiveness, that you were a prisoner.

Through a thousand little birth portals of your emotional states held by a phasing Moon, retrograding experiences of all your modes and attitudes, calling back energies you sent out there to vibrate in your World of manifestation through spoken words, thoughts, ideas and mental constructions played back to you, the depths you are able to hold and their charge within your vibrational field, full frontal confrontations and embraces of a trillion combinations of who you are and have been mirrored back to you, you see it was the path that allowed you to return to a state of true lOve.

And now you get to weave anew.

Powerful stuff, reality.