Endure the purification

The One answer sings from a place of certain and simple Truths.

Perhaps it is always like that. Aligned with the Wisdom of the broken open Heart, unbiased, un made-up, clear, diamond lustered, rainbow colored, actually not even colors available in this world but from other realms, high frequent sounding voice breaks through your awareness and gives you clarity.

The Journey ongoing and still endlessly lonely, when even your closest ones cannot share their Heart with you.

Unable to open up, because of past hurts that makes them want to control for fear of letting go, cause if the hand reaches out to receive, whatever they are holding onto falls.

And even though chaos threatens to break them, they will learn that breaking apart means breaking through. Shedding the old skin. Unprotected and raw, vulnerability is what they must risk. Exposure. But trusting love, what is there to fear?

'What is to give light must endure Burning'.

It is not something someone can tell you and transfer to you by their words or wisdom. All they can do is hold a space for you, so you can go through this experience yourself.

It is a choice to be made. A step to be taken. Into the unknown. Into the void. To be curious more than afraid.

From chaos rises the new dawn a new order, one that can be consciously chosen, manifesting from a brighter place of awareness.

The Fear that keeps Love a prisoner.

So we let go. We wait. We shift from journeying together into prayers for the other. The balance between holding and letting go. Knowing from experience now that separation is an illusion. The Heart never beat stronger.

You are Child of Light, and Darkness has no power over you. Let that fall that no longer serves you and stands in your way of becoming.

If we cannot perceive ‘service to the World’ as other than going to work, have careers, children, family, make money and pay taxes- then we have not aligned ourselves to purpose. Check again- it is there in invisible ink on the bottom left side of your Ticket to Earth.

What is your purpose here? How can you serve? What is your true job?

Simple Truth.

Patiently waiting for wits to grow sharper, for Hearts to soften and dare to open. Aligning to this One singing from within and without.

Love is.



Ever were and always be.

It is but a shift in consciousness.

A journey from unreal to real.

From untruth to truth.

So dare to let go. Dare to open up your Heart and breathe.